Portugal also saw strong increases in its natural stone exports in 2021 compared to the previous year (by value: +17.62%), although this is only +1.89% compared to the last pre-Covid year 2019

Portugal's natural stone exports in 2021 compared to 2020 (Mundo = world; Intra União Europeia = inside the EU; Extra União Europeia = outside the EU; EFTA = EFTA; OPEP = OPEC; PALOP = Portuguese-speaking countries). Screenshot from the webpage of the Assimagra association.

Like all other major natural stone exporting countries, Portugal has weathered the Covid-19 pandemic well, and even managed to increase its exports a bit compared to the pre-crisis period. This is according to the figures of the national association Assimagra.

However, at 1st glance, there seems to have been significant increases from 2020 to 2021, which the table above also shows: by value it was +17.62%, by tonnage +19.32%.

However, this sharp increase is due to the slump in the Corona year 2020: at that time there had been a significant -14.05% by value (tonnage -18.51%) compared to the previous year.

Thus, in view of this exceptional situation, only the comparison of 2021 with 2019 (Covid-19 broke out in the Chinese province of Wuhan in December 2019) is meaningful for the status and development of Portugal’s natural stone sector: here, a moderate +1.89% was achieved by value (tonnage: +1.32%). We have linked our report with the 2019 figures below.

The evolution of Portugal's natural stone exports per month and in balance since 2015.

After all: the significant increase that Portuguese natural stone exporters have achieved every year since 2015 continued, albeit with a strong dampening due to the pandemic.


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