The designer duo Apospersano drafts for the company Pimar lighting accents and wall panels made of Lecce limestone

Apospersano for Pimar: “Lampade Parete“.

The novelty of the creations is that the focus is not on the form, but on the material and its effect

The designer duo Apospersano has been the artistic director at the natural stone company Pimar since 2020. They are Alessandra Apos and Andrea Persano, who come from Salento and are in this respect quasi neighbors of the company, which quarries its limestone a little further south in the boot of Italy. The two were already working for Pimar and with its Pietra Leccese while studying at La Sapienza University in Rome, and from what has been seen of them so far, they seem to have a style all their own.

Product design has long been a theme at Pimar, and there are many small everyday stone objects in the company’s catalog. However, you can tell from almost all of the objects that the designers were more in the tradition of sculptors than industrial designers: these are things that started out as a small block of stone from which the final object was carved out.

The consequence of this was, and you can see this in natural stone product design all over the world: the objects focus on the form, and they are also heavy, consequently unwieldy and hard to sell, because stone has its weight.

At Apospersano, the focus is now on the function of the objects. But this does not necessarily always have to be what one would expect at 1st glance.

“Lampade Parete“.

“Lampade Parete“ (wall lamps) are not about lighting fixtures, but light accents for a room. They are square lamps with 3 levels: the base of the lamp, the light body itself and the cover. The base and cover are made of thin slabs of stone and use different color variations of Lecce limestone.

In addition, and now this is a wonderful play on geometry, the cover can have different shapes, and you can play with rotation.

This is minimal design at its finest, and here the material with its shades of white, yellow and gray comes to the fore over the shape.

Apospersano for Pimar: “Spiga“.

Similarly the wall panels were also shown at the Salone del Mobile 2022 fair. Almost shyly, the two designers cut lines into the stone surface or combine them again to form geometric shapes.

Apospersano for Pimar: “Ritmo“.

At “Ritmo“, these shapes are parallelograms – again, nothing out of the ordinary.

However, it gives the stone from the hand of nature a beautiful geometric addition from the hand of man.

This is by no means new, and it has been seen many times before. But it is always beautiful and shows the intention of the designers to withdraw themselves and bring the material to the effect instaed of their creativity.


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Photos: Pimar

Apospersano for Pimar: “Natura F“.Apospersano for Pimar: “Natura FP“ (left) and “Natura F“ (right).Apospersano for Pimar: “Nastro“.Apospersano: Alessandra Apos and Andrea Persano.

(16.09.2022, USA: 09.16.2022)