NIWALA WHITE, a sandstone with a warm white perfect for use on exterior and interior façades and claddings or floors around a pool, from Spanish Levantina company

Niwala White sandstone from Levantina company.

Name of the stone: Niwala White

Stone type: sandstone

Color: warm white; a yellow variant of the stone is available under the name Niwala Yellow.

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Niwala White sandstone from Levantina company.

Description of the stone: Uniform and porous, Niwala White is the perfect white sandstone for exterior use. Its warm white equally captivates those looking for a stone to cover the floor around the pool or those who wish to have an elegant and attractive façade for their private house or for the architecture projects they sign. Its unrivaled beauty is created by the presence of fossils and seashells.

Peculiarities of the stone: calcareous-bioclastic sedimentary rock of marine origin, made of bioclastic (biocalcirudite) limestones, porous, formed from the accumulation of bryozoa, sea urchins, and mollusk shell fossil fragments. This rock originated approximately 18 million years ago, during the early to middle Miocene epoch.

Application: outside cladding and flooring, ventilated facades, interior walls, pools
Finishes: honed, other finishes available on demand

Certifications (quality and environment):

Frost resistant:

Company: Levantina, founded in 1959, is a Spanish group with worldwide activity including 40 quarries, 8 factories, 28 distribution centers, and some 200 types of natural stone in its program. It exports to 110 countries across the European Union, America, the Middle East, and Asia.

Contact: Levantina, Autovía Madrid-Alicante, s/n, 03660 Novelda (Alicante) España
Tel: +34 965 60 91 84

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Niwala White sandstone from Levantina.