PANDA WHITE, a Turkish marble best for interior architecture or furniture design, quarried on Marmara Island, by Efesus Stone

Panda White from Efesus Stone companyPanda White from Reisoglu Marble company.

Name of the stone: Panda White Marble

Stone type: marble

Color: white with strong veins in various hues (black, green, blue, and gray)

Quarry location: Balıkesir Marmara Island – Town of Saraylar – Turkey

Description of the stone: a very decorative stone with strong veins, on a background of clear white. Due to this unique appearance, it can is the right stone for interior architecture or furniture design like tables, coffee tables, stairs, floor coverings, wall decoration, etc. Bookmatching is a special feature.

Peculiarities of the Stone: It has antibacterial properties and a high stain-proof feature compared to other stones.

Panda White from Efesus Stone companyPanda White from Efesus Stone company

Application: It has a wide usage and application area with 7 different color or vein varieties.

Finishes: polished, sandblasting, brushed, tumbled, sanded, more on demand

Frost resistant: Yes

Company: Efesus Stone ist the name of the export section of Reisoglu Marble company, one of Turkey‘s leading natural stone production companies. Founded in 1943, it produces marble, travertine, granite, onyx, limestone, andesite, and basalt, also provides services in many other fields such as quarry operations, manufacturing, imports, and exports. Efesus Stone is the international brand for natural stone, quartz, and porcelain with focus on the needs of international architects and designers.

Contact: Factory: on Ankara Highway, 03750 İscehisar / Afyonkarahisar / Turkey
Tel: +90 530 470 97 66, +90 272 341 36 01 (5 Lines)

Panda White from Efesus Stone company