“Clis” suspension and table lamps with interchangeable covers in stone and metal by Bartoli design for Laurameroni

Bartoli Design for Laurameroni: “Clis” suspension lamps.Bartoli Design for Laurameroni: “Clis” suspension lamps.

Customization is a central idea for these everyday objects with style and elegance

“Clis” is a system of minute suspension lamps supported by thin cables, designed by Bartoli studio for Laurameroni company. The possible configurations – single, in line, in groups, in cascade – leave ample possibilities for customization to obtain a special atmosphere. Uniqueness is also possible by interchangeable magnetic covers in bronze, brass, or polychrome onyx.

The spotlights are adjustable on the vertical and horizontal axis to spread the light most effectively or create decorative effects.

The range of magnetic covers, combined with the possibility of easily interchanging them, makes Clis a highly customizable product. The lamps can thus be placed in different environments thanks to their small size, delicate proportions and infinite configuration and customization options.

Bartoli Design for Laurameroni: “Clis” table lamps.Bartoli Design for Laurameroni: “Clis” table lamps.Bartoli Design for Laurameroni: “Clis” table lamp.

As part of the Clis collection the table lamp also proposes a unique style and a wide range of customization. Designed to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere, it is equipped with a structure in satin brass or satin copper and with interchangeable covers in precious Purple or Grey Onyx.


Bartoli Design

Customization is a main design idea for the “Clis” lamps.

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