Marsotto‘s showroom in Milan‘s Brera District has been included in the ADI Design Index of 2022

Marsotto in Milan.Marsotto in Milan.

Oki Sato from design studio nendo conceived the unusual display case

The showroom of the Italian company Marsotto and its design brand Marsotto Edizioni, specialists in high-quality product design with marble, has been included in the ADI Design Index of the Year 2022. The index is a pre-selection for the Compasso d’Oro of the Italian Association of Industrial Design (ADI). The prize is awarded every 2 years. The pre-selected objects will be on display at the ADI Design Museum in Milan until November 27, 2022, and then at the Institut Treccani in Rome from December 12 to 18.

The showroom, located at Largo Treves 2 in Milan‘s Brera District, was designed by Oki Sato of studio nendo. It represents a very unusual solution for a presentation with extremely little space at ground level: Oki Sato had only the façade area of a window at his disposal, in which he had to accommodate a recognizable access to the exhibition space in the basement.

Sato decided against a window display case in favor of a wall of white marble tiles. Carrara stone (along with the black variety) is the defining material of Marsotto’s products. A niche in the façade invites passers-by to sit down and enjoy the small square under a huge tree.

Next to the niche, a narrow door leads inside.

Just behind the entrance, visitors are greeted by a unique room divider that introduces them to the world of Marsotto. It is characterized by the know-how in marble processing and stone design on the highest level.

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Marsotto Edizioni

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