The second edition of the “Forever is Now“ art exhibition at the Gizeh Pyramids reflected on time and timelessness, land and history, ecology and humanity

Emilio Ferro: “Portal of Light”. Photo: AFPEmilio Ferro: “Portal of Light”. Photo: AFP

During October and November, 2022, was held the second edition of “Forever is Now“ art exhibition at the Gizeh Pyramids. The organizers sent us a press release:

The second edition of Forever is Now reflects on time and timelessness, land and history, ecology and humanity, situating contemporary artworks in the magnificent site of the pyramids.

Through an immersive experience of public art, the exhibition envisions a future that is anchored in a deep knowledge of the past, indicating that there is no conception of the future without history, and that there is no time without the present.

Jwan Yosef: “Vital Sands”. Photo: AFP

Forever is Now II is not simply a revival of this history, for the past can never be complete in the present. Rather, it contributes a contemporary artistic legacy in a place of worldwide significance, a place where nature was a divine force.

The artists showcasing their work in Forever is Now II respond to these connections and rituals. Their artworks, made from a combination of natural and industrial materials, are in dialogue with Giza’s 4600-year-old iconic monuments of natural stone, pointing to our past and present conditions and the connections between man and technology, nature and inheritance.

Forever is Now II is an ode to the transcendental power of art, where historical and global influence converge, and artists can become co-creators, collaborators and protagonists in a larger narrative of art. Art becomes a collective responsibility, a dialogic conversation across time that enables each artist to contribute his/her own story to history.

SpY: „ORB: Under the Same Sun”. Foto: AFP

Participating artists: Therese Antoine (Egypt), Zeinab Al Hashemi (UAE), Natalie Clark (UK/USA), Almed Karaly (Egypt), El Seed (Egypt), Emilio Ferro (Italy), JR (USA), Jwan Yosef (Sweden), Pascale Tayou (Camerun), Mohammed Al Faraj (Saudi Arabia), and SpY (Spain).

The exhibition was held on the occasion of the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Sharm El Sheik under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Egyptian Tourism Authority, and Giza Governorate and the patronage of National Commissions for Unesco.

Art d’Egypte

Photos: Hesham Alsaifi

Zeinab Al Hashemi: „The Unfinished Obelisk ‘Camouflage’”.Therese Antoine: „Sheets of Metal”.Natalie Clark: „Spirit of Hathor”.Pascale Tayou: „Dreams in Giza”.Mohammed Al Faraj: „Gurdians of the Well”.JR: „Inside Out Giza”.El Seed: „Secrets”.Ahmed Karaly: „A Pyramid in Other Vocabularies”.

(29.11.2022, USA: 11.29.2022)