VERT D’ESTOURS, a marble with green or blue veins on a white-ivory background, suitable for every usage, from the French Pyrenees

Vers d’Estours marble from France.

Name of the stone: Vert d‘Estours

Stone type: marble

Color: Green, gray-green (celadon) or blue veins on a white, ivory background

Quarry location: Estours – Seix (09140) – Pyrénées Ariégeoises, France

Vers d’Estours marble from France.

Description of the stone: The Vert d’Estours marble is a very compact crystalline marble with a breccia aspect underlined by thin undulating chloritic green-blue veins on a white-ivory calcite background. This unique stone is easy to work and can receive all surface finishes, which enhance its color and pattern values. Its intrinsic qualities make the Vert d’Estours suitable for every use, it is ideal for interior design projects because it gives atmosphere and character to spaces.

Peculiarities of the Stone: Thanks to its compactness, the Vert d’Estours marble can be cut to thin thicknesses starting from 1 cm. It offers a multitude of design possibilities depending on the direction of the veins within the blocks (45 degrees or straight) and depending on the cutting direction. The book-match enhances the stone‘s finesse and decorativeness with various possible combinations.
The Vert d’Estours is historically well-known, quarried and appreciated since the days of the Roman Empire. It was one of the marbles used in the palace of Versailles. In the second half of the 19th century exploitation increased, and the Vert d’Estours marble began to be exported to Belgium, Italy, Japan, and the USA.

Vers d’Estours marble from France.Vers d’Estours marble from France.

Application: All applications (exterior, interior, flooring, cladding, furniture, decorative elements…)

Finishes: All finishings (honed, polished, brushed, sandblasted, flamed, waterjet, bush-hammered, scratched, brush sanded, grooved, fine scratched, split face…)

Frost resistant: Yes

Company: EURO STONE Srl extracts the Vert d’Estours in one quarry in France. EURO STONE is an Italian company based in Massa (MS) – Italy, specialized in the extraction of marble blocks from quarries in France and Italy. More than this, the company distributes the stone as blocks, slabs, and finished products from warehouses in the regions of Massa and Verona.

Contact: Silvio Rivieri, Tel: +39 328 307 3663

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Vers d’Estours marble from France.Vers d’Estours marble from France.