The famous WHITE MACAEL marble (Blanco Macael) with outstanding esthetical and technical features, from the Almería province in Southern Spain

White Macael marble (Blanco Macael).

Name of the stone: White Macael (Blanco Macael)

Stone type: real metamorphic marble

Color: milky-white color. Some varieties have grayish and eventually orange or greenish veins.

Quarry location: Macael, Almería province, Spain

White Macael marble (Blanco Macael).White Macael marble (Blanco Macael).

Description of the stone: calcitic marble with medium grain size (very coarsely crystalline) and very homogeneous aspect.

Peculiarities of the Stone: The Blanco Macael marble is a metamorphic rock composed of up to 99% calcite. It is very compact with less than 1% volume of pores. When polished, it can reach translucency in slabs of up to 3 cm thickness. The sunlight deeply penetrates the uppermost layers of the stone, thus giving it the typical luster of marble.

Application: interior and exterior

Finishes: polished, sawn, bushhammered, honed, aged, escarcilado

Frost resistant: ±20%

White Macael marble (Blanco Macael).White Macael marble (Blanco Macael).

Association: The Asociación de Empresarios del Mármol de Andalucía (Association of Marble Entrepreneurs of Andalusia, AEMA) started its work in 1998 and has been taking care of the representation and promotion of its members’ common interests.

Contact: Macael Marmól, Ctra.Olula-Macael, Km. 1,7, 04867 MACAEL (Almería)
Tel: (+34) 950 12 82 11 / 950 12 81 11
Fax: (+34) 950 12 82 10

Technical Data (see photo below):
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