The Natural Stone Institute’s 2023 Stone of the Year: Namib Bianco Marble from Namibia quarried by Best Cheer company

Namib Bianco Marble. Photo: Best Cheer

In our NSI-channel, we publish the following information from the Natural Stone Institute:

Best Cheer Stone, Inc. has sponsored the 2023 Natural Stone Institute Stone of the Year. Namib Bianco marble will be featured on 2023 NSI member certificates, membership code of ethics, and association marketing materials throughout the year.

It is an African white marble from the Best Cheer Stone, Inc. quarry in Karibib, Namibia. The crystalline white background emits subtle white and ivory toned veins spread and embedded throughout the stone. Namib Bianco is a translucent material, making it an ideal choice for creating backlit natural stone projects. It has a low water absorption rate and is higher in density compared to other white marbles, making it a good choice for home and commercial remodeling projects.

Logo of the NSI Stone of the Year.

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Best Cheer Stone: Namib Bianco Marble

(12.01.2023, USA: 01.12.2023)