“Sinergie“ is the name of the collection of Italian companies Silvestri and Artèpura, which bring together stone and leather in the design

Work by Silvestri and Artèpura.

Both companies work with traditional craftsmanship and natural materials

Two natural materials, namely marble and leather, are brought together by Italian companies Silvestri and Artèpura. At Salone del Mobile and Marmomac 2022, they showed their “Sinergie“ collection. What is striking here is that one is familiar with the shapes and materials, but the interplay makes the contrasting materials seem somehow unusual.

Work by Silvestri and Artèpura.

The focus of the presentations was the giraffe as a wall design. The background was the black Marquinia marble, which seemed to lead the eye of the viewer into the depths of the African savannah under a starry sky. The animal body with the skin patches is designed as a relief of different colored leathers.

Davide Silvestri and Pier Maurizio Pasini were the designers of the collection.

Work by Silvestri and Artèpura.Work by Silvestri and Artèpura.

Another motif has geometric shapes. Here the marble types Bardiglio Imperiale and Carrara were used together with different types of leather. It can be used to design large wall surfaces or just as small accents on pieces of furniture.

Silvestri Marmi was founded in the 2000s not far from Carrara and deals with the processing of marble, granite, travertine, and onyx for interior decoration or design. The company has participated more often in the “Italian Stone Theater“ in Hall 1 of Marmomac. Their guideline is: “Passion and care to provide stones of the highest quality to those who want the material of their dreams and not what they would simply be satisfied with.“

Artèpura realizes a mixture between the parallel worlds of art, fashion, and design, with the aim of making an innovative and high-quality craftsmanship contribution to bespoke creations in prestigious interior design, using natural leather for the realization of furniture, accessories, and any kind of surfaces.

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Photos: Silvestri/Artèpura

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