Miscellaneous: news all around natural stone and rock

Lamp “Moon“ by United Alabaster.Wireless lamps is a new product category of United Alabaster company, specialized in everyday products made of Alabaster stone. The photo shows the “Moon“ lamps for indor and outdoor usage, available also as pendant. Several sizes and shapes are offered. The electricity is transferrerd by induction to an led battery module in the lamp.

A delegation of the EIB (Aegean Exporters‘ Associations) visited architects and importers in London from February 05 – 10, 2023, for the second time.

“Fake Food is Trendy Again“ a webpage writes and shows fruits made of marble.

Surfalite is a new material developed by Italian company Santamargherita and presented at the Kitchen and Bathroom fair 2023. Features are slabs of 330 x 165 x 0.7cm with a weight of 17 kg/sqm.

“Large Globes“ is the name of a Romanian company that creates globes with 80 cm diameter of Earth or Mars.

Like Kindergarten or Schnitzel, Graywacke is a word imported from German to the English language, it stands for a very hard sandstone found in the Harz mountains and described by miners in the 18. century. It is the German “Gestein des Jahres“ (Rock of the Year) 2023. Austria has the Apatit as “Mineral of the Year“ (German).

At French company Yelmini, Georges Michon has succeeded the late Oliver Dubant in the company’s management, Pierre Actual reports in its January 2023 issue.

Researches from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, and The University of Bologna have published a study about how organic solvents like alcohol could improve a protective treatment used for marble preservation.

New webpage: Brachot.

Diamant Boart is now Husvarna.

Construction workers in Rome found a life-size marble statue of an ancient Roman Emperor posing as Hercules.

Tissint, a piece of a meteorite that landed 11 years ago in Morocco, contains a large diversity of organic compounds, researchers from the Carnegie Institution for Science have found.

Hundreds of temples and pyramids were built by the ancient rulers of Nubia in today’s Sudan, National Geographic reports.

A video about the historic city center of Rio de Janeiro tells what the stones know about the history of Brasil’s most famous city (Portuguese).

Video of the Month: While in Europe discussions about a return of the Parthenon marbles from London to Athens continue, Nashville, TN, has a full scale concrete replica of the whole temple. It is a left over from the 1897 Tennessee Centennial Exposition and refers to Nashville‘s nickname as “Athens of the South“ (1).

(15.02.2023, USA: 02.15.2023)