Limestone PIŃCZÓW, a beige stone with exceptional features, quarried in Western Poland by Marmur-Plytki company

Pińczów limestone from Marmur-Plytki company.

Name of the stone: Pińczów

Stone type: limestone

Color: cream to gray

Quarry location: around the city of Pińczów, Swietokrzyskie, Poland

Pińczów limestone from Marmur-Plytki company.Pińczów limestone from Marmur-Plytki company.

Description of the stone: when freshly quarried, the stone is soft and easy to work, but it develops a very hard surface after some time. Pińczów limestone does not disintegrate under the influence of water and thus can be used not only on the outside for facades but also in hydraulic engineering. The high porosity of 25% gives it low weight and high sound insulation.

Peculiarities of the Stone: quarrying around the former stone center of Pińczów is documented since the 11th century. It began with the Cistercian order from Jędrzejów, whose brothers originated in France, built an abbey with the Polish stone. In the 16th century, the stone and the town bloomed: Pińczów had a large colony of foreigners and was an important center for cultural and intellectual movements. After World War 2, stone was used for numerous buildings of national importance, such as the Parliament building (Sejm) in Warsaw, the Palace of Culture and Science, the Marszałkowska Estate, and central hotels and theaters.

Application: exterior, interior


Certifications: CE

Frost resistant: yes

Pińczów limestone from Marmur-Plytki company.

Company: Marmur Plytki company was established in 1989 as a small family business. Since then, we have become one of the largest processing plants in Poland. We process marble, limestone, and granite from our and other quarries. The projects we have realized range from large construction to private orders (window sills, stairs, floors, kitchen worktops, bathrooms, fireplaces, cladding, gardening etc.). We are also a supplier of semi-finished products for other stone companies. Our aim is quality and customer satisfaction.

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Contact: Podleze 48, 28-400 Pinczow, Poland,
Tel.: +41 35-891-89,
Mail to Mr. Jacek ŁATA

Technical Data:
Volume density: 2580 kg / m3
Open porosity: 4.7%
Water absorption: 1.9%
Compressive strength: 114 MPa
Flexural strength: 6.3 MPa
Abrasion resistance (Boehm): 21448 mm3
Skid resistance: polished: dry 49, polished wet 20, brushed dry 44, wet brushed 17
Frost resistance: 25 cycles without changes

Pińczów limestone from Marmur-Plytki company.