Design: A Lovely Couple

(January 2011) „Green & Stone“ was the motto of the project New Stone Age Design this time around, which took place from October 5th to 8th 2010 for the third time at the international building and construction fair Saie in Bologna. Ideas to the theme were developed by the Milanese designer Francesco Lucchese.

Below we show some ideas combining natural stone and living plants. More on this in a later edition of

„Power Garden“ was one of the ideas, the core of which was to bring green in a vertical position integrated in siding. Concealed behind the protrusions is a large tub but they can also accommodate solar cells for power used for irrigation. „Power Garden“ can also be installed as a sound barrier along busy roadways.

Odorizzi Porfidi Company constructed prototypes in porphyry.

Interjection: vertical green seems to draw more and more interest from architects (see below). Our photo shows a green wall of the Galleries Lafayette in Berlin in the summer of 2010.

„Tasca“ („Pocket“) was the title of another piece in which Lucchese demonstrates some possibilities for integration of greenery in natural stone facades: the „pockets“ bear decorative cut-outs through which plants can play peek-a-boo allowing the façade to change its appearance throughout the seasons.

Realization by Marmi e Graniti d’Italia Sicilmarmi. Material used: Pietra di Ponente.

„Oh Romeo“ alludes to a particularity of houses in the Italian region of Veneto: the massive windowsills were transformed into flower boxes under which a light fixture can be mounted. The name was derived from the story of Romeo and Juliet of Verona, the second largest city of Veneto.

The windowsill was produced by Anzilotti Marmi in white Carrara marble, size: 100 x 32 x 18 cm.

„Azulejos“ was another idea taking off on a tile pattern by the same name from Spain and Portugal accommodating flowerpots. Another possibility is to design the pattern in three dimensions so integrating a green line instead of blue.

Stone: marble Bianco Lasa and marble Verde Imperiale. Produced by Margraf.

„Urban Pouf“ – a type of sleeve – is surrounded and protected by a circular cuff of stone lamella, which second as a place of rest for the weary.

Various stone types were implemented. Dimension 150 cm, height 45 cm. Produced by Formigari Group Dalle Nogare.

Last but not least: „Flower“ where the plant has morphed to an abstract mural in which a variation of filled and empty cylinders mime the shape of plants.

Produced by Grassi 1880 in a variety of stone types.

New Stone Age Design is a joint venture of the Fair Organization, Confindustria Marmomacchine and the Pietra Autentica seal.

Francesco Lucchese

Photos: Francesco Lucchese

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