Miscellaneous: news all around natural stone and rock

Source: United States Geological Survey A United States Geological Survey webpage gives details on the Kahramanmaraş Earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria on February 06, 2023, with a magnitude of around 7.5. It occurred in the fault zones between the Arabian, Eurasian, and African plates and the smaller Anatolian tectonic block and caused more than 54,000 dead and more than 110,000 injured. The webpage also documents the seismicity in that region from 1900 to 2022.

The Turkish natural stone sector has spent intensive work of making business contacts in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, Marble Trend magazine reports. Aegean Exporters‘ Associations (EIB) has organized several meetings, among them a bilateral business encounter with 25 purchasing companies (Turkish).

Veronafiere strengthens its management team with two new members: Raul Barbieri and Adolfo Rebughini take on the roles of Commercial Director and Chief Operating Officer, respectively (Italian).

During an expedition to Eastern Antarctica, researchers found 5 meteorites, including one of the largest specimens (17 pounds, 7.7 kilograms) ever recovered there.

In his book “Otherlands,“ paleontologist Thomas Halliday makes a journey through Earth’s extinct worlds, e.g. the tropical forests in the Antarctic.

Italian company Sapienstone has developed 6 new countertops surfaces for its porcelain stoneware: Natural, Polished, Active Surfaces®, Silky, Structured, and Cashmere. It also has numerous natural stone copies in its portfolio.

The British Royal Horticultural Society (RSH) has a webpage where alpine plants suitable for Drystone Walls are listed. On the layers of rocks “the foliage and flowers can be seen to their best effect,“ the authors write.

The exhibition “La Piazza, l’uomo, il fotografo. Immagini di Antonio Biagiotti“ shows 26 photos black and white of the Duomi di Firenze and its sculptures (until June 04, 2023) (Italian).

„Le chantier de restauration de la cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris : un gisement archéologique“. Dans le cadre du chantier de sécurisation et de restauration de la cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, de nombreuses interventions archéologiques ont été menées à l’intérieur de l’édifice ainsi qu’à ses abords immédiats, permettant de documenter tant l’édifice en lui-même que la topographie du site. Conérence gratuite (5 avril 2023 à 18h30). Online

Video of the Month: The Grinding Stone Hardenduro is one of the stages in the US Championship for enduro bikes and takes you through a sandstone rocky landscape in Arizona.

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