CIPPOLINO ONDULATO, an Italian marble with colors from green to red famous for book matching, quarried by Luana company in the Garfagnana mountains in Tuscany

Cippolino Ondulato from Luana company: book match.

Name of the stone: Cippolino Ondulato

Stone type: marble

Color: multicolor with veins from green to red as prominent hues

Quarry location: near the Lago di Vagli in the Garfagnana mountains, Tuscany, Italy

Description of the stone: The Cippolino Ondulato is characterized by veins with extreme motion (translation: Wavy Cippolino) and color variation. For many years, the stone has been famous for its application in magnificent book matches. In petrography, it belongs to the calcescists.

Cippolino Ondulato: rosso (red).Cippolino Ondulato: verde (green).

Peculiarities of the Stone: the veins‘ colors range from green and yellowish to ivory and ruby, and red. They appear not only in the form of thin stripes but as large fields. The stone is available in blocks with an average size of 2.80 m x 1.50 m x 1.50 m.

Application: interior

Finishes: polished

Frost resistant: No

Cippolino Ondulato.

Company: Luana Marmi’s Sawmill of Luchera has been a leading player in the sawing of top-quality and prestigious marbles for over half a century: For decades we have combined skill and tradition with the most modern processing technologies. We offer each client precision, reliability, and professionalism for a complete service that meets every request. Constant attention to quality, price, service, and guarantee at every stage of processing, achieved through continuous monitoring, allows us to always achieve a flawless result. Attention to the environment and respect for the raw material at every stage of processing makes it possible to build a refined dialogue between architecture and the environment.

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Cippolino Ondulato.Cippolino Ondulato.