CRISTALLO, a super exotic white quartzite from Brazil, with delicate veins and a glassy appearance, quarried by Vitoria Stone group

Cristallo super exotic white quartzite.

Name of the stone: Cristallo

Stone type: super exotic quartzite

Color: white

Quarry location: Espírito Santo, Brazil

Description of the stone: the uppermost layer of the stone gives it a shiny appearance like glass created by its unique way of reflecting the light.

Cristallo super exotic white quartzite.Cristallo super exotic white quartzite.

Peculiarities of the stone: Cristallo, composed of delicate veins, and its white color that makes it ideal for any environment!

Application: external and internal, thickness of 2 cm and 3 cm

Cristallo super exotic white quartzite.

Finishes: Polished, levigated, brushed

Frost resistant: No

Company: We are Vitoria Stone, a group specialized in the wide supply of first quality surfaces for the whole world! TOP 5 In the exotic stones sector in Brazil, over 1.000.000m² distributed per year, 2500 exported containers per year, present in all continents, 30 countries in our exportation history. With more than 36 years, of combined experience in minning, processing, and exporting the most exquisite ornamental stones, we are one of the largest natural stone exporters from Brazil.

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