Pibamarmi, from the Italian Chiampo Valley, has realized for its new “Tailor Collection” 4 model series for washbasins and tables in 12 types of marble

Pibamarmi, Tailor Collection (detail).Pibamarmi, Tailor Collection: Washbasin  Kepi.

“Tailor Collection” is the name of the new series of objects for bathrooms and living rooms launched by the Italian company Pibamarmi. 20 washbasins and tables are available in 4 model series. Depending on the customer’s wishes, they are made in 12 different types of marble.

The tailoring of the design is, on the one hand, the cannelures or grooves on the surfaces, which can be imagined in the same way in fabric. On the other hand, it is the details of the execution.

The company writes about it on its webpage: “Washbasins and tables with a rigorous, linear cut, or with sinuous shapes and draped surfaces, can lend different styles to a variety of environments and are offered in a rich palette of colors and finishes.”

The models were designed in the company’s in-house design studio.

The company, founded in 1967 and based in the Chiampo Valley on the edge of the Alps between Verona and Venice, presents itself as follows on its webpage: “Today, the company interprets the values of contemporary times promoting a radical innovation in the natural stone product, developed in strict synergy with the most refined international culture in architecture and design. For long time the brand has been working together with relevant designers to create collections of bathroom furnishing elements, of tables and seats, of architectural surfaces for floorings or coverings.“


Pibamarmi, Tailor Collection: Washbasin Delfi (left), Chester (right).Pibamarmi, Tailor Collection: Table Sarong.Pibamarmi, Tailor Collection: Table Tubino.Pibamarmi, Tailor Collection: Table Curvy.Washbasin Diva.

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