Mosaic artist Lubosz Karawat creates a work of art with Mother Earth for a gravel company in Poland

Mosaik by Lubosz Karwat for EMG Gravel.

Shown is the face of a woman in her mid-twenties, but despite her youth does not look carefree

Lubosz Karwat, mosaic artist from Poland, has once again created an extraordinary mosaic for a customer. It is 5.5 meters high, composed of comparatively large individual pieces (tesserae), and hangs in the stairwell of the EGM company, which extracts gravel and fillers for road construction.

The company gave the artist free rein in the design, and so Karwat chose Mother Earth as the motif. However, she does not appear in his work as a mature woman with an age of over 4 billion years, nor as a noble diva.

It is the face of a woman in her mid-twenties who, however, does not look carefree despite her youth. Protectively, she covers one arm with the other, and you can clearly see how something makes her hairstyle fly apart.

Mosaik by Lubosz Karwat for EMG Gravel.Mosaik by Lubosz Karwat for EMG Gravel.

The depiction can be understood in many ways, for example as a reference to the client who uses dynamite to loosen the material from the rocky banks, or to the doomsday thoughts of many young people.

A special accent is that petrification, which is directly beside the right – pinched – eye of the woman. Does life seek shelter here with her? Is it coming to the end of mankind? By the way, it is a real find from the limestone quarry.

Karwat used only natural stones for this work. For the sake of the colors, there are also varieties that he procured outside the company’s quarry.

The design and execution were also “an experiment“ for him, he writes in an e-mail. And happily sums up, “But the customer was thrilled with my work in the end, and so am I.“

Lubosz Karwat



Photos: Lubosz Karwat

Mosaik by Lubosz Karwat for EMG Gravel.

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