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Art: In-house elephant-relief

(January 2012) English stonemason works stone to an enormous animal figure


(January 2012) Not the effect of a giant asteroid caused extinction of dinosaurs but massive volcanic eruptions

Architecture: meeting places for citizens (2)

(January 2012) Designing of public spaces in natural stone in Norway and Great Britain. A look back at times when stone served as ballast in seafaring ships is Australia

Markets: „Good news also for the stone branch“

(January 2012) With Russia’s joining the World Trade Organization WTO an enormous market is about to open

Design: Shining eyes in Marble

(January 2012) Italian developers light up natural stone with LEDs

Trade fairs: „Trend and sample bank“

(January 2012) The Stone Expo in the Belgian city of Ghent offers exhibitors a novel form of presenting their products


(January 2012) 396 wheels on 44 axes are needed to transport the giant 340 t stone block

Architecture: Caucasian towers, a house of worship in India, a Spanish tannery and more

(December 2011) Once again Marmomacc was host to the International Award Architecture in Stone, presenting contemporary and historic projects from around the world

Design: Butterflies, leaves and snakes

(December 2011) News from Antolini Luigi and his „Natura“ collection

Trade fairs: a look at the branch through Polish eyes

(December 2011) The Polish city of Poznań was once again was host to the Kamień-Stone trade fair in November

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