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(January 2011) Cleopatra’s Needle is among the themes of Per Storemyr’s homepage

Architecture/Design: Touch-stones for hand and foot

(December 2010) Every stone trade fair experiences it time and again: A stone that is aesthetically pleasing almost magnetically attracts beholders to touch it. Could the stone branch make use of this property?

Architecture: Colourful as life itself

(December 2010) Ongoing construction of Barcelona’s Sagrada Família for over one century

Design: Message on the curb

(December 2010) „ABC-curbs“ and boulder-sinks at the Polish competition for design students

Trade Fairs: „Design in the Streets“

(December 2010) Cersaie Ceramics trade fair incorporated Bologna’s city centre as part of the exhibit grounds

Stone Stories: Witness to times gone by

(December 2010) Project for the conservation of antique quarries around the Mediterranean / Book on new uses

Art: Surprise of the century on occasion of the 100th anniversary

(December 2010) Swiss Stone Masons’ and Sculptors’ Trade Association commissioned 100 „resting stones“ on the occasion of it’s centenary

Presents: Not in search of lost time

(December 2010) Belgian book detects right to exist for building in stone / History of the Granite of Galicia


(December 2010) Excitement in the Polish Cemetery branch

Markets: Committing to the do’s and don’ts for the stone branch

(November 2010) Sustainability standards in natural stone production and processing are currently undergoing a defining process in the USA. Ecological aspects, working conditions and child labour are among the aspects under consideration. Trade representatives from around the globe are summoned to join the effort

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