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Markets: Pre-sale return guarantee

(October 2011) Can natural stone be recycled? Of course! as every child will tell you. But this is a subject never broached in discussions

Design: Stone houses for the birds and for man’s best friend

(October 2011) The idea of a „Pets Village“ made of travertine and treated to resist fouling comes to us from Italy

Markets: Considerably higher returns despite decrease in tonnage

(October 2011) Strong growth in Italy’s marble-value-added exports / From January till May 2011-10-02

Art: Long-distance hiking to the atelier

(October 2011) US-American artist and sculptor Marc Carroll finds shapes and processes for working stone in nature itself


(October 2011) An artificial mountain 2000 m high is a project currently under discussion

Architecture: Ideas for the fifth front

(September 2011) Examples of roof tiling in natural stone from Norway, Switzerland and Germany. A ceramic roof from Japan

Markets: Competition for Carrara’s White

(September 2011) Afghanistan undertakes steps to market its marble reserves world-wide

Architecture: Winery with traditional appearance

(September 2011) The award for the first Hungarian competition dedicated to building with natural stone went to a building in the Tokaj region


(September 2011) Onyx-clad and 104 m high – thus were the specifications of the tower conceived to mark the bicentennial anniversary of Mexico

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