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Markets: „Hug-a-day“ from home

(September 2011) In many parts of the world the population is ageing. The demographic shift entails less private building but on the other hand new opportunities for natural stone in interior design and product design

9/11 memorial: The absence of victims experienced

(September 2011) The 9/11-memorial lets water fall into dark stone crevices

Architecture: drakes on the slate roof

(September 2011) A one family house in Germany looks like from an old fairytale

Stone Stories: Heavy-weight granite table for tiny surface structures

(September 2011) The Swiss research institute Empa produces nano surface structures using the properties of natural stone


(September 2011) The rock cycle is much shorter than commonly assumed

Trade fairs: The branch shifts away from mere material

(August 2011) Nuremberg awards the first pan-European natural stone innovation prize

Architecture: a house with many eyes overlooking the landscape

(August 2011) An innovative building in one of Italy mountain towns has an extravagant façade made of reclaimed natural stone

Stone Stories: Yeast cultures in pulverized granite

(August 2011) Granicium is the name of a new composite stone developed in Germany formable like ceramics

Design: Tiles from ancient castles

(August 2011) British company bets on unique market position in material and design


(August 2011) China builds one skyscraper every 5 days

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