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Architecture: Pineapples behind a stone facade

(July 2011) The Frutigen palm house in the Swiss Alps produces tropical fruits using tempered mountain water

Art: Distinction for masons in heritage projects

(July 2011) Nuremberg Stone+tec once again presents Peter-Parler-Prize


(July 2011) 26 new hotels are under construction in Chile

Architecture: Facelift in natural stone

(July 2011) The British city of Liverpool is often only recognized abroad as home to the Beatles. Now the city’s harbour district has been given a remarkable new look. In its centre: a museum

Fairs: less exhibitors at Stone+tec

(July 2011) reports from the fair in Nuremberg in an Audio-Slideshow

Architecture: Distinction for „outstanding design“

(July 2011) German Natural Stone Award presented at Stone+tec 2011

Architecture: Cowering before the forces of nature

(July 2011) Portuguese architects plan a science and research centre on the Azorean archipelago

Stone Stories: IF Design publishes nonsense on natural stone

(July 2011) A webpage by the prominent Design-Institution claims that cinder block concrete has a better ecolifecycle

Art: Life-size in stone

(July 2011) An exhibit in the German town of Naumburg on the banks of the Saale river is dedicated to works by the famous master of Naumburg


(July 2011) Massive stone building is the subject of a doctoral thesis

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