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(June 2010) Diamond wires with nanostructure is the goal of a research project

Art: More than mere facades, tiles or sculptures

(May 2010) US-Artist creates objects reflecting the complete spectrum for decoration and design in natural stone

Trade fairs: „Marble“-Izmir to remain at its present location for the time being

(Mai 2010) Relocation of the Turkish Stone Fair to its new site at the airport delayed / Current statistics

Architecture: Rainforest in the arrival lounge

(May 2010) Tropical plants and sandstone lend terminal 3 of Singapore’s airport a very special flair

Markets: Tongue and groove plus mass equal cohesion

(May 2010) Turkish company develops a patented modular interlocking system for natural stonewalls

Markets: From slurry to glas

(May 2010) Brazilian scientists develop a new application for refuse and groundbreaking research

Design: Forceful lines on slate

(May 2010) Italian firm markets natural stone tiles as works of art


(Mai 2010) The earthquake in Chile shifted the continental plate by approx 3 m to the West

Trade Fairs: Opening with a Bang!

(April 2010) At this year’s Xiamen trade fair, China’s stone industry presented itself at a level seldom seen in the Western World today

Trade Fairs: A Word on Labour Conditions and Environmental Pollution

(April 2010) The world Stone Congress in Xiamen dealt with sustainability and local consumption

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