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Markets: From slurry to glas

(May 2010) Brazilian scientists develop a new application for refuse and groundbreaking research

Design: Forceful lines on slate

(May 2010) Italian firm markets natural stone tiles as works of art


(Mai 2010) The earthquake in Chile shifted the continental plate by approx 3 m to the West

Trade Fairs: Opening with a Bang!

(April 2010) At this year’s Xiamen trade fair, China’s stone industry presented itself at a level seldom seen in the Western World today

Trade Fairs: A Word on Labour Conditions and Environmental Pollution

(April 2010) The world Stone Congress in Xiamen dealt with sustainability and local consumption

Architecture: Mediterranean Repertoire with Ocean View

(April 2010) Turkish architects are constructing a residential complex with a spectacular view in Bodrum on the shores of the Mediterranean Ocean

Fairs: Off to the Creative-Minded and Designers

(April 2010) An ever increasing number of stone-producers are exhibiting for architecture and design

Markets: „Sustainability as a key issue”

(April 2010) Interview with Brett Rugo, the new president of the Marble Institute of America (MIA)

Art: strictly speaking – impossible

(April 2010) Dutch artist frees rings, convolutions and Möbius bands from the inside of stone


(April 2010) Brazil’s export industry for natural stone is losing its competitive edge

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