Questions and Answers

The STONE FINDER is a database in which mainly end users, i.e., architects, designers and private individuals, search for natural stones.
It is international, so it goes beyond the limited offer of individual associations and is also independent, so it also goes beyond the limited offer of individual companies.
The aim is to provide the end user with the quickest and most comprehensive overview possible.

Only quarries themselves can add their stones to the database. Dealers can only enter with advertisements.
If you want to add a stone to the database, you can fill in a form with the required information. We will send it to you on request (Peter BECKER, Mail). This information will later be the search criteria and descriptions (see webpage or the following screenshot):

Please note: Only stones that are available on the market can be entered (the database is not addressed to geologists or restorers). That means: at the beginning of each year, we will send a mail to the quarries and ask if their stone is still available.

Nothing, both for the quarries that put their stones in the database and for the people that search the database.
There is also no registration, no membership, no obligation to contribute….
The STONE FINDER wants to make it as easy as possible for the consumer to get an overview of the natural stones to his taste.

How is the STONE FINDER financed?
Through advertisements that interested parties can place.

How can readers remember stones they like?
In every internet program (browser) there is a tab “Bookmarks“ in the top menu. Click that and save there the page with the stone you liked.
Thus, this information remains with you – we do not collect information about the users of the database.

The information in the STONE FINDER must remain brief and to the point. It provides only basic information about the stones. To get comprehensive information, interested parties should go to the linked webpages of the quarry companies.
This means that photos play the decisive role in the STONE FINDER – good pictures make people want to see stone.
Therefore, we may reject bad pictures.

At the moment (January 2022) the STONE FINDER is still under construction. As soon as we have reached a “critical mass“, we will promote it to our target groups:
* we have good contacts with architects and designers because we have been reporting on their topics for 15 years and have many offices as readers;
* private individuals are reached via social media;
* since STONE FINDER is a service on the webpage of, it benefits from the traffic there. At the moment, has about 30,000 readers per month from all over the world.