The Indian design company Orvi combines valuable materials with craftsmanship

Orvi: Collection “Macrame“.Orvi: Collection “Macrame“.

The company has established itself in the market of furnishing items

Orvi, an Indian specialist in furniture pieces and furnishings, has presented several new collections at the Salone de Mobile 2023 fair. They bring together high-quality materials with just such craftsmanship. Natural stone appears in many objects, inlays or mosaics create special effects.

Orvi: Collection “Macrame“.“Macrame“ is the title of one of the new collections. The name recalls the ancient knotting technique from Arab countries. Here we are talking about table tops made of white Carrara marble with brown acacia wood and brass edging. A special design idea is the jewelry box with handle.

Orvi: Collection “Quadro“.Orvi: Collection “Quadro“.“Quadro“ is about square inlays with 3D effect in a black stone slab. Combined are Nero Marquina Marble, White Carrara Marble and gray limestone and brass. From the same series there are also wall hooks or various objects for the dining table.

Orvi: Collection “Spolium“.Orvi: Collection “Spolium“.“Spolium“ the company has called the decor of very small stones (tesserae), which gives the impression of crocodile leather. The collection also includes a mirror with a wide mosaic edge. The title usually refers to ancient objects from architecture that have been repurposed in a new building.

Orvi: Collection “Rastro“.Orvi: Collection “Rastro“.“Rastro“ includes wooden panels where the surface bears lines in tarkashi style. It gives the impression that ants or woodworms have left their mark on the material. In reality, artists have hammered fine brass wires into the wood surface. The technique is probably 500 years old and was invented in the town of Mainpuri in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

The company writes in its self-promotion on its webpage: “Our mission is to create innovative and uniquely beautiful surfaces and home pieces. Orvi’s surfaces are suited for all parts of the building envelope; both for interior and exterior applications. Orvi’s home pieces get conceptualized from the tender nuances of everyday life, starting with natural materials and unique forms. ORVI blends creativity with craftsmanship, technology with tradition, Western aesthetics with artisanal techniques from Asia and beyond.“

At the bottom we show some of the novelties from 2022.


Photos: Orvi/Peter Becker

Orvi: collection 2022.Orvi: collection 2022.

(21.06.2023, USA: 06.21.2023)