Chinese granite BLUE LEOPARD, with a light blue background giving a site a touch of solemnity, quarried exclusively by UMGG in Hebei province

Granite Blue Leopard polished.Granite Blue Leopard polished.

Name of the stone: Blue Leopard

Stone type: granite

Color: Light blue

Quarry location: Hebei province, China

Granite Blue Leopard.Granite Blue Leopard polished and flamed.

Description of the stone: Light blue background with only minor color variations. The material style is stable in its uniform color and does not fade in outside application.

Peculiarities of the stone: It is a unique stone with large crystals suitable also for large area pavings, giving a site a sense of solemnity.

Application: A wide range of applications. Suitable for large-area exterior wall cladding, indoor floors, walls, and hotel countertops.

Finishes: polished, flamed

Granite Blue Leopard.Granite Blue Leopard.

Company: Universal Marble & Granite Group Ltd. (UMGG) was founded in 1986. It is one of the largest comprehensive architectural and decorative stone enterprises with approximately 2,000 employees in mainland China. We are the market pioneers in manufacturing and exporting Granite, Marble, Quartz, Limestone, etc. UMGG has successfully completed thousands of projects in our 30+ years history. In a word, UMGG is a leader company in China’s natural stone industry and aims to be the largest stone manufacturer in Asia. We wish to be your trustworthy supplier in China.

Contact: No. 68, Fuhai Road, Xiagang, Chang’an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong, China
Mail: Cassie, Jason
Tel: 0086 18801087730
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Technical Data:
Density is 2.6g/cm3
Water absorption is 0.59%
Dry compressive strength is 120Mpa
Water-saturated compressive strength is 105Mpa
Dry bending strength is 10.7MPa.
Water-saturated bending strength is 10.0MPa.

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