Marmomac 2023: Cladding in natural stone that plays with surfaces, shapes, and tiles in the 3rd dimension

Tangram by Temmer Marble. Design: Alberto Gava.

The Plus Theatre in the fair’s Hall 10 is about new possibilities of design with stone

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Moodboards in natural stone are one of the themes in Hall 10 of Marmomac (September 26 – 29, 2023), where, as usual, the Plus Theatre is about creative ideas for using the material. A Moodboard, also: Inspiration Board, at its core is a collage: as in the past with photos, text torn out of newspapers, objects, and much more, digital elements are now arranged with each other mainly by drag & drop. Often, such compositions are used to depict elusive moods or feelings. In many cases, they are also used to visually suggest ideas that other people are then asked to think through further.

This year, the ADI Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige Delegation designers have taken up the theme and applied it to tiles of natural stone of different sizes. The title of the project was “Material Match Up – Lithic Synergies.“ The aim was to open up new possibilities for the familiar wall or roof cladding or paving made of rectangular elements so that they “meet the needs of contemporary architecture,“ namely allow individual designs, as the curators Carlo Trevisani, Silvia Sandini and Marcello Cutino outline their broad claim.

In-finito by Guardini Pietre. Design: Patrizia Bertolini.From Nature to Metaverse by Franchi Umberto Marmi. Design: Alex Terzariol, Mmdesign.Elevate, Tactile Journey between Stone and Module by Industria Marmi Friulana. Design: Arnaldo Sela.

Mind you, this sounds like product design, which it is only in part. In many cases, the results are merely artistic works.

On the one hand, it is about playing with the shapes of the stone tiles. Here, Alberto Gava (photo above) draws on the possibilities of the old Tangram game. The cooperation partner was the Turkish natural stone company Temmer – all other participants were stone or machine companies from Italy.

Numerous other projects were also dedicated to the shapes of the tiles but added variations for the surface design.

So the designers quickly arrived at reliefs, and that’s not all: of course, they also experimented with 3D design.

We show some renderings of the works.

In-finito – Guardini Pietre – Patrizia Bertolini
Mise and Place – Leather Stone – Michela and Paolo Baldessari
Feeling Nature – Gruppo Tosco Marmi – Gino Carollo
Scandola – Biesse- Intermac – Paolo Criveller
Tangram – Temmer Marble – Alberto Gava
Marble between Man and Territory – Margraf – Matteo Leorato and Luigi Siard
Rosso Asiago – Cregeo – Industria marmi Friulana – Franco Poli
From Nature to Metaverse – Franchi Umberto Marmi – Alex Terzariol MMdesign
Listelli and Patterns – Pellegrini Meccanica with Decormarmi – Silvia Sandini
Elevate, Tactile Journey between Stone and Module – Industria Marmi Friulana – Arnaldo Sela
Geometries and Colors of Porphyry – Porfidi Italia 2000 – Luigi Siard
Prun – Guardini Pietre – Carlo Trevisani
Arazzo Materico – LMA Machine with Kaleidostone – Giulia Zampieri
Toki – Agglotech – Ascanio Zocchi

Carlo Trevisani designed the presentation in Hall 10.

Marmomac, September 26 – 29, 2023

Renderings: Marmomac

Geometries and Colors of Porphyry by Porfidi Italia 2000. Design: Luigi Siard.Scandola by Biesse-Intermac. Design: Paolo Criveller.Toki by Agglotech. Design: Ascanio Zocchi.Listelli and Patterns by Pellegrini Meccanica mit Decormarmi. Design: Silvia Sandini.

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