Marmomac 2022, The Plus Theatre (2): “Etica_Litica“ (Ethic in Stone) curated by ADI Veneto & Trentino Alto Adige Delegation

Marmomac 2022, The Plus Theatre: “Etica_Litica“.

16 design projects with natural stone highlighting sustainability and respect for the environment

Marmomac has renamed its former “Italian Stone Theatre“ to “Plus Theatre“ and relocated from hall 1 to hall 10. The show continues to be the realm for innovative ideas that can be made from marble, granite & Co in product design, architecture, and art. We publish the press releases describing 4 of the presentations:

The ETICA_LITICA (Ethic in Stone) exhibition, curated by the ADI Veneto Trentino Alto Adige Delegation, highlights the topic of sustainability and respect for the environment when using natural stone in design projects. The concept is developed through the design of one or more objects starting from a marble slab measuring 3.30 x 2 m by 2-3 cm in thickness, typical of the most common commercial modules. Developing a three-dimensional object means the surface of the slab must be exploited to the full to minimize possible waste of material.

A group of designers associated with the ADI Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige delegation was invited to develop 16 projects where the transposition of stone material from a two-dimensional slab into a three-dimensional object exemplifies creativity as well as showcasing astonishing innovation. In this exhibition, design reflects a concept which, while respecting precise limits, demonstrates its vitality and beauty by putting forward new ideas and solutions that herald a more sustainable and ethically fairer world.

The exhibition also includes a review of products in natural stone that over the years have won a Compasso d’Oro – the award famous all over the world for its excellence and a flagship of Italian design, as well as the ADI Index Award associated with it. The “Etica_Litica” exhibition thereby provides a complete overview, where marble meets excellence, beauty, innovation and sustainability.

Management: ADI Delegazione Veneto Trentino Alto Adige
Concept and Coordination: Carlo Trevisani, Silvia Sandini, Marcello Cutino
Exhibition design and Graphic Design: Carlo Trevisani, Giovanna Carturan
Video project: Marble projects selected in ADI Design Index 2011/2021 Luca Facchini


ADI Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige (Italian)

Photos: Ennevi / Marmomac

PET Memorial serie.PET Memorial serie.PET Memorial serie: An object for remembering a beloved pet, ironic and a bit funny like the frequent affectionate behaviour of our pets. It’s not a portrait but an image that evokes a memory of a cat or dog. An object with which to interact while also helping other small animals, such as birds that can drink from the tray, or for supporting flower corollas or other objects such as a seed dish. So, it’s a tray intended as a container of memories and other life. It can be placed in a garden, on a terrace or in the home as a decorative object. Two shapes: the oval base, the edge and the stone made from the same oval, and decorative elements made from marble scraps. The structure can be delivered with the stone detached to reduce bulk during transport.
Designer: Silvia Sandini
Production: Marmi Santa Caterina
Materials: Carrara marble, details in Nero Marquinia, Rosso Verona, Bardiglio and Giallo Siena

Libreria Scrittoio Scriptum. Libreria Scrittoio Scriptum. Libreria Scrittoio Scriptum: This product arose from studying how to optimize the material in terms of its shapes and dimensions. The Lessinia stone slab, squared in the quarry and quarried according to its contours, immediately appears as a rectangular top. Looking at it from the perspective of home furnishings, you spontaneously think of countertops, table and shelves. These varied elements, combined with a supporting structure, led to the shape of the slab and, consequently, to defining the end product.
Designer: Carlo Trevisani
Production: Guardini Pietre
Materials: Pietra della Lessinia – Fine Polished (Rosa Chiaro)

Tavolo Etiko.Tavolo Etiko.Tavolo Etiko: Etiko, the table that combines the waterjet processing technique with skilled craftsmanship and limited materials, arose from a single slab with minimal waste.In our historical period, design needs to focus on the clever use of natural materials. Marble is precious, taking millions of years to be created. Its use must be carefully planned and optimised to make the object we are going to produce even more unique.
Designer: Ascanio Zocchi. Production: Biesse s.p.a.
Materials: Statuario di Carrara marble, each piece is unique, replicable in shape but not in material.

Tavolo Nexum.Tavolo Nexum.Tavolo Nexum: Nexum by Gino Carollo in Duke Grey marble has been designed for industrial mass production based on environmental sustainability that does not forgo design. The design started with a 310 x 200 slab, from which two tables were obtained along with their legs and decorative vases. Waste is therefore kept to a minimum. The surface finish is smooth on one side and rough on the other. This choice allows the scrap part, “the crust”, which is usually taken off the original block of material, to be used. The result is a sculpture intended to have a very low impact on the environment.
Designer: Gino Carollo Studio
Production: Testi Group
Materials: Duke grey: Italian granite, light grey in colour with large white crystalline veins

Rivestimento Imprevedibile.Rivestimento Imprevedibile.Rivestimento Imprevedibile: Combining tradition with modernity. An unpredictable interplay of countless possibilities, reinterpreting the marble cladding by deconstructing the slab and recomposing it for a newer, fresher and more contemporary appearance. With its white texture and characteristic caramel veins, Nuvolato Calacatta marble is divided into 3 shapes (square, rectangular and triangular) and 3 finishes (polished, sand-blasted and bamboo) to create a SET of 9 elements for countless compositions. Marble combined with coloured stucco softens the marble cladding to appeal to young and dynamic visitors.
Designer: The Studio, Laura Menichelli e Alessandro Vergot Production: Marimar
Materials: Nuvolato Calacatta – White with caramel veins

Lavello cerchi nell’acqua.Lavello cerchi nell’acqua.Lavello cerchi nell’acqua: A washbasin made from the scraps from processing one or several stone slabs (or agglomerates). Its special design allows chromatic variations of the product to be obtained depending on the scraps of available slabs, combining, in different ways, cut-out circles that are placed on top and glued together to configure the washbasin. Cut-out elements can also be created from a single slab (240 x 120 cm) by obtaining the pieces required to make 6 washbasins and 1 monochrome column.
Designer: Patrizia Bertolini
Production: Marmi Scala, Eustone
Materials: Bianco Islanda – Grigio Islanda (R173) Grigio Venato (R019/3).

Tavolo Biko.Tavolo Biko: The Biko table was created in line with the message of sustainability underlying the theme of the Etica Litica Trade Fair 2022 by exploiting the entire slab of Grigio Carnico marble made available and designing a table that can be dry-assembled. Biko features legs that support the top: rotated 90° to each other, they allow ever- changing corner solutions and therefore introduce the fourth dimension, time, into the design. Lastly, the meticulous finishing work designed by Margraf for the ipogeo® collection enhances the veins and their different colour ranges.
Designer: Paolo Criveller e Alessandro Piras
Production: Margraf
Materials: Grigio Carnico marble.

Tavolino Patty.Tavolino Patty.Tavolino Patty: The Patty table consists of 4 legs that also provide part of the support surface due to the elements in the series placed side by side. This product is designed to be spectacular thanks to the effect of shadows cast by its different legs. Glass elements can be inserted between the spaces or they can be given different finishes to enhance the interplay of their shadows. The product has been treated with the exclusive ‘Ipogeo’ finish by Margraf Innovation Lab. This treatment can be used to design and characterise certain areas or the entire surface of the marble.
Designer: Luigi Siard
Production: Margraf
Materials: Fior di Pesco Carnico Chiaro

Tavolo Tabula Rasa.Tavolo Tabula Rasa: Tabula Rasa is the outcome of extremely simple details, arising from a combination of two materials typically at odds with each other. One is the material of classicism, of timeless architecture and of nature, which expresses countless harmonious colour combinations. The other is the symbol of modernity, of contemporary architecture, of man’s action that can transform it into a ductile and malleable material. The dialogue between the two materials also occurs in their surfaces, where the smooth, soft surface of marble mingles with the rough, striated surface of aluminium, almost overturning the order of usual factors also in terms of characteristics.
Designer: Alex Terzariol con Elisabetta Ripamonti
Production: Officina della Scala
Materials: Sequoia Brown is a type of brown marble from Brazil that is linear, clouded and veined. Metal

Tavolino Dolmen.Tavolino Dolmen: The shape of the Dolmen coffee table was inspired by prehistoric megalithic tombs made of drylaid stone slabs. The simple and particularly well-balanced structure consists of 3 interlocked marble slabs, which characterise the usually flat supporting surface.
Designer: Stefano Manni
Production: Gruppo Tosco Marmi
Materials: Palissandro Classico Bianco with golden hues

Tavolo Chicchera.Tavolo Chicchera: Based on one the simplest prototyping approaches to produce paper objects, the Chicchera project creates coffee cups from repeating and intersecting just two sections of a cup multiple times. Intersecting not just design layers, but also different eras and places, the name Chicchera comes from the XVIth century Spanish word xícara, which itself derives from an Aztec word referring to the shell of a tropical tree’s fruit (jícaro) that Latin Americans used to drink chocolate. From jícaro came jicara and the Italian chìcchera.
Designer: Matteo Leorato
Production: Mondo Marmo Design
Materials: Bianco Venato Grigio marble

Panca Plissè.Panca Plissè: The ‘Plissè’ bench has a wavy shape, a dynamic dart in space, achieved by dry- assembled flat elements with scissor cuts and joints; a reference to the ‘magical’ childhood game of building card castles. Here, it is developed horizontally to house the narrow, airy floating seat with bevelled edge. The deep hue and beautiful veins of Verde Guatemala marble give the Plissè bench a dramatic effect and ensure that it fits harmoniously into outdoor environments while easily blending into public and private spaces, as well as historical and contemporary contexts.
Designer: Michela e Paolo Baldessari
Production: Mondo Marmo Design
Materials: Verde Guatemala marble

Tavolini for Two.Tavolini for Two.Tavolini for Two: A pair of ‘illuminating’ bedside tables in Bianco Carrara marble. The bedside table is part of the Aura Lapis project developed in collaboration with Marmi Santa Caterina and All-Led of Desenzano. It features the use of LED technology combined with marble. The dimensions of the low table are determined by the nesting, calculated on the standard slab, and optimised for producing 4 bedside tables.
Designer: Paolo Perbellini
Production: Marmi Santa Caterina
Materials: Bianco Carrara marble

Consolle Tori.Consolle Tori: Tori is a console table featuring a modern and essential design developed entirely in marble. Designed to be easily assembled, this product has been inspired by Chinese culture. By definition, ‘Torii’ is a very distinctive and evocative object, its shapes harking back to mystical and transcendent concepts, conveying a great sense of harmony and peace to the observer. Tori is an ideal furnishing accessory for a unique and refined living space.
Designer: Nicola Bariol
Production: Zagross Marmi
Materials: Bianco Assoluto Impeccabile
Panca Stoneslice.Panca Stoneslice: Double-sided bench made from a 290 x 150 x 3 cm slab of Canadian Cambrian- Black granite. Like a sheet of cardboard that we divide into a series of modules: 22 identical shaped rectangles for the seating area and 4 identical shapes for the support. It is assembled by pre-drilling all the slabs, spacing them with steel tubes and compressing them with 3 threaded steel bars so that the ensemble is a rigid body. The aim is to make total use of the slab with minimal waste, bringing the slab modules back together to form a single monolith.
Designer: Valerio Facchin e Giovanna Carturan
Production: Cereser Marmi
Materials: Canadian Cambrian – Black granite

The Plus Theatre 2022: other projects

* “Visionary Stone“ by industry designer Raffaello Galiotto
* “Brand & Stone 4.0“ conceived and curated by Danilo Di Michele
* “Marmomac Meets Academies“ curated by Giuseppe Fallacara and Domenico Potenza
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