In its natural stone exports in 2022, Portugal reached an all-time high of nearly half a billion € (492.8 million €)

Total of Portugal's stone exports 2016-2022. Source: Assimagra

On almost all target markets, the country achieved significantly better sales prices than in the previous year

Excellent was the performance of Portuguese natural stone exporters in 2022: they achieved an increase of +13.01% over the previous year, reaching a total sum of almost half a billion € (exactly 492.8 million €). This was an all-time high and by no means just the catch-up effect after the slump in the covid year 2020. These figures were published by the national association Assimagra (Associação Portuguesa da Indústria dos Recursos Minerais) on its webpage.

By tonnage, there was a decrease of (-)6.28%, but this reveals that the country was able to achieve a better average sales value than in 2021: The increase in value per ton showed a strong +20.59%.

Upper row: total exports worldwide. Source: Assimagra

Double-digit price increases were achieved in trade with almost all EU countries: for example, Poland (+40.89%, with only a small total of € 8.1 million €), Belgium (+18.45%, total: € 14.1 million €), Germany (+16.8%, total: € 38.4 million €), or Spain (+15.76%, total: 58.8 million €).

The price increases achieved at the top-ranking buyer countries were also significant: they amounted to +8.17% in the case of France (total: € 89 million €) and +9.4% in the case of China as a block buyer (total: € 59.3 million €).

In total, Portugal‘s companies supplied natural stones to 118 countries. More than half (57.8%) of the total volume went to the EU.


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