Designer Francesco Faccin for the company Bufalini: lava stone fire bowls

Designer Francesco Faccin for Bufalini: „Intorno al Foco“ .

Faccin: “The object documents the relationship between man, stone and fire, and his ability to tame and shape both“

Italian company Bufalini goes quite deep into mythology with its latest creation, created by designer Francesco Faccin: in the center is fire, around it is stone and for the arrangement of both things the designer chose ancient processional ceremonies.

“Intorno al Foco“ (Around the Fire) is the generic term for the objects made of lava that comes from the Etna volcano. They are intended to serve as fire bowls in gardens or parks, for example. The choice of material guarantees that they can withstand high heat without damage.

The lava bowls can be used flexibly: they can be stacked and then the fire can be lit only in the upper one, or they can be distributed individually as points of light in an environment.

Designer Francesco Faccin for Bufalini: „Intorno al Foco“ .

The support tubes allow the bowls to be carried around in a procession.

The waste from the production of the bowls will be used in candlesticks or in censers.

The designer describes the concept of his work, to which he has also given the name “Sottrazzioni” (Subtractions): “The project is a synthesis of a journey that chronicles the evolution of human genius, the relationship between men and primitive and strong elements (stone and fire) and his ability to tame and shape them.“

Designer Francesco Faccin for Bufalini: „Intorno al Foco“ .

Bufalini is a company from the Carrara region that has been quarrying and processing white marble for 4 generations. For a long time, it has also been active in the field of product design, that is, the production of objects for everyday use made of stone. Their art director is Paolo Ulian, from whom we had shown work more often.


Francesco Faccin

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