With the 3rd edition of the competition “Amorf“ for product design with natural stone, the Turkish Aegean Association EIB wants to give added value to the country’s natural resources

Professional category, 1st prize to Muhammed Saner ÖZTÜRKLER for “Aura“.

The focus in 2022 was again on ideas for usable everyday objects

For the 3rd time, the Aegean Exporters’ Associations (EIB) had launched its “Amorf“ competition in 2022, in which Turkey’s design scene could compete for valuable prizes with ideas for everyday products made of natural stone. Now the winners were presented.

The aim of the competition is to introduce creative people to the country’s marbles, limestone, travertines, etc., and thus increase the production and export of high-quality end products.

Turkey-wide, this share of natural stone exports from January to July 2023 was 66%, and the Aegean region was able to raise this figure for itself from the original 75% to 80% recently. Association president İbrahim Alimoğlu cites 90% as a target for the coming years.

The design competition has 2 categories, one for design professionals and one for students. In 2021, there had been an additional “Unlimited“ category for participants of whatever discipline and age.

The prizes are substantial. Beyond the sums of money, there was again the opportunity for students to apply for a scholarship abroad from the Turkish Ministry of Economy.

The characteristic of Amorf in comparison to competitions for natural stone design in other countries is product design as a clear guideline: the participants should design objects that are functional, i.e. that can be used in everyday life, and at the same time are beautiful and – above all – sellable. Another aspect is to find uses for leftover pieces from production.

We show the award-winning designs.


(Photo on top) Professional category, 1st prize to Muhammed Saner ÖZTÜRKLER for “Aura“: It is about fragrances for interiors. The marble ball on the top of the object can be rotated with the loop and then comes up with the bottom from the fragrance water. Different stone balls can be kept for different scents. The cost is low because natural stone waste can be used.

Professionals category, 2nd prize to Kemal ŞAYLI.
Professionals category, 2nd prize to Kemal ŞAYLI: The design for wall tiles is based on patterns found in ancient buildings. The shapes are created in such a way that from tile to tile one continues the other.

Professionals category, 3rd prize to Şevin ÖZUĞUZ and Yahya YUSİFLİ.Professionals category, 3rd prize to Şevin ÖZUĞUZ and Yahya YUSİFLİ. Respect for the material led the designers to keep their design minimal, opting for a simple cylinder for their “Sparkle“ table lamp.

Student category, 1st prize to Efe YILDIRIM.Student category, 1st prize to Efe YILDIRIM: “Cadenza Acoustic“ is a wall covering in travertine. Its different design variations allow for different sound experiences.

Student category, 2nd prize to Egemen ŞENDUR.Student category, 2nd prize to Egemen ŞENDUR: “Tui La“ is based on the Asian doctrine of Yin and Yang. It is a wall clock.

Student category, 3rd prize to Ekin YÜKSEL.Student category, 3rd prize to Ekin YÜKSEL: “Sentire“ is a holder for incense sticks, which are in fashion in more and more households, the designer says.

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