Miscellaneous: news all around ornamental stone and rock

Designstudio alcarol: “Karst Gem“. Photo: Alcarol“Karst Gem“ is the name design studio alcarol gave its new side table. It is made of a boulder of karst rock (47 x 43 x H 43 cm) surrounded by a mold of crystal-clear resin. The exclusive piece of furniture is part of alcarol‘s new series “Geomorphic,“ which aims to create references between terrestrial matter and space (1, 2).

The heads of Australia’s workplace-safety bureaus will meet by the end of 2023 to decide the next action on engineered stone – including a possible ban. The meeting, as yet unscheduled, follows the release last week of a report by Australia’s worksite-policy agency that recommends outlawing use of the manufactured surface.

Human faces and other figures carved into stone have emerged in Brazil’s Amazon state as a historic drought in the Brazilian region has brought water levels to record lows. They were uncovered on the shores of the Rio Negro at an archaeological site.

A marble “Ballerina“ (dancer) weighing 60 tons greets motorists at the rotary behind the freeway exit near Carrara. The figure was inspired by late sculptor Arturo Carmassi’s design and donated by the Fondazione Marmo (Italian).

The Washington Post has a report titled “How to remove stains from marble and other natural stone surfaces.“

Vermont Public reports about Rutland‘s newest marble sculpture for Redfield Proctor.

Insider Magazine comes up with the story that a crumbling, long-forgotten satyr statue with an erect phallus might be the work of Michelangelo.

The New York Times tells the story of how the 6 Piccirilli brothers, who immigrated from Italy, created some of the most important statues in the city. A film portrait titled “The Italian Factor” is in planning.

For the first time, all Mars-orbit missions have collaborated to find the source of the largest ever Mars quake on May 04, 2022, causing vibrations to reverberate through the planet for at least 6 hours. The event had been measured by Nasa’s InSight lander. But the satellites from Europe, China, India, and the United Arab Emirates could not find a new crater on the red planet – which means that the quake resulted from enormous tectonic forces within the planet‘s crust.

Video of the month: the Norwegian company Johansen describes the creation of the monumental sculpture “Creature from Iddefjord“ by Martin Puryear with 7.5 m height, 135 t weight, composed of 45 individual parts. The work made of granite is placed in Oslo.

(01.11.2023, USA: 11.01.2023)