Miscellaneous: news all around ornamental stone and rock

Workshop poster.“Building with Stone Today“ (Construir en Piedra Hoy) is the title of a workshop in Spain in which stonemasons from there and from France will rebuild the famous vault of the Junterones Chapel in Murcia Cathedral. It is a self-supporting construction made of natural stone elements designed by the architect Jerónimo Quijano (ca. 1500-1563). The project is funded by the EU as part of the Erasmus+ program: from January 08-12, 2024, the young stonemasons will learn the theory under the guidance of professors from the Polytechnic Universities of Madrid and Cartagena, then from January 15-25 they will carve the stone elements under the supervision of master craftsmen in the workshops of Rosal Stones company. Finally, they will assemble the vault replica. Interested parties can follow the process via WhatsApp: 0034673468958. Enquiries and contributions are possible in Spanish and English. Webpage.

Switzerland will abolish import duties on almost all industrial goods from January 01, 2024 on, together with a simplification of the tariff bureaucracy. Excluded are agricultural goods (food). The Alpine state is known as one of the countries with the highest stone consumption per capita worldwide, but its population is only 8.8 million (1, 2).

Italy’s Ministery of Labour and Social Policies has drastically raised the fines for violations on health (silica dust protection) and safety at work (Decreto direttoriale n. 111 del 20 settembre 2023) (Italian).

At Rocalia fair in December 2023 in Lyon, the Italian Stilmarmo company presented its Apricena limestone with the help of the chef Mario Vino. He emigrated to Lyon with his parents and made his career in France (Italian).

Snohetta’s draft for the new opera house to be added to the historic area of Diriyah on the outskirts of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia combines local cultural heritage, and Najdi building traditions.

The case in Massachusetts where a woman severed the tip of her thumb while shopping for granite found a $900,000 settlement.

House Digest webpage warns wine lovers to install granite countertops and recommends „opt for soapstone or quartz instead“.

Video of the Month: In 2009, the Melbourne Museum in Australia showed an exhibiton titled “A Day in Pomepji“, accompanied by an animation of the desaster of mount Vesuv on August 24, 79AD, realized by Zero One studio. We link to the digital work. A webpage of the Italian Ministry for culture reports about recent findings in the ruins (1, Italian).

(29.12.2023, USA: 12.29.2023)