The uniqueness of Brazilian quartzite RADICA, quarried by Pettrus company, is a result of a continental collision millions of years ago

Quartzite Radica.

Name of the stone: Radica

Stone type: quartzite

Color: brown

Quarry location: Brazil

Quartzite Radica.

Description of the stone: Radica is also marketed as “Burlwood“ due to ist striking structure. It is a rare quartzite with a unique composition of iron components: quartz 55%, iron oxide 35%, iron oxide-hydroxide 10%.

Peculiarities of the stone: the iron in its composition is due to enrichment caused by the collision between landmasses around 600 to 700 million years ago, which led to intense deformation, temperature, pressure, and chemical changes. It is not unusual that gemstones like agate and chalcedony are found in the Radica.

Application: Any project where a particular design effect is wanted.

Finishes: polished

Frost resistant:

Company: In 2000, Pettrus started to extract stones from its own quarries. It has been a pioneer in quartz quarrying and the processing of these very hard stones with colors and structures like marble. Based on its ESG goals, Pettrus acts in a responsible way respecting the environment and social communities. A company motto goes back to Goethe: In nature, we never see anything isolated, but everything in connection with something else which is before, beside, under, and over it.

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Technical Data:
Specific Gravity: 2890 kg/m³
Absorption by weight: 0,98%
Modulus of Rupture: 39,84 MPa
Compressive Strength: 252,34 MPa
Abrasion Resistance: 84,480 Ha

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