Marmomac 2023: Brazilian Pettrus company won an “A Matter of Stone“ award for its cinema installation with a thematic focus on nature protection in quarrying

“A Matter of Stone“: Brazilian Pettrus company.“A Matter of Stone“: Brazilian Pettrus company.

The presentation in Hall 1 was curated by Elle Decor Italia

One of the awards of “A Matter of Stone“ in Hall 1 of Marmomac 2023 went to Brazilian Pettrus company. Behind stone walls, it had installed a kind of a cinema, the film shown there in an endless loop pointing out the responsibility of the stone quarriers for the protection of nature. One of the questions raised was, „Are we aware of this?“ (Chegamos a pensar sobre isso?) while scenes of destroyed and exploited landscapes appeared on the stone walls. In a contrast, the perfect beauty of natural stone was shown.

“A Matter of Stone“: Brazilian Pettrus company.Company founder Maxwell Viquietti Alcântara has posted the Pettrus‘ guideline on Instagram: “Caring for, protecting and enjoying Mother Nature is part of our daily live. It’s important to realize that we have all this in our hands and that we are aware of preserving it for the tomorrow. Pettrus is part of this context.“

Another award went to Italian Nikolaus Bagnara company:

“A Matter of Stone“: Italian company Nikolaus Bagnara.“A Matter of Stone“: Italian company Nikolaus Bagnara.“A Matter of Stone“: Italian company Nikolaus Bagnara.

With “A Matter of Stone,“ Veronafiere chose a new way for the promotion of stone in architecture, interior architecture, and furniture design: It started a cooperation with the international publishing house Hearst, whose Elle Decor Italia magazine curated the presentation in Hall 1 with examples for stone application in those fields.

“The 1,500 m²exhibition setting will see Italian and international companies and studios discuss the value of marble and other natural stone materials in indoor and outdoor contexts, as well as hospitality and product design projects,“ as said in the press release before the fair. “This creative scenario will see architects, interior designers, and professionals investigate the use of these materials in construction and furnishings, as well find inspiration and applications highlighting the immense potential of the natural stone sector. “

“This agreement with the Hearst Group,” explained Maurizio Danese, Managing Director of Veronafiere in the same announcement, “will further enhance Marmomac’s already very high level of internationality and its business and communication initiatives that today already cross all geographical borders: 68% of companies exhibiting at this year’s edition come from abroad and operators from 140 nations have already been accredited.”

A jury comprising the directors of the Elle Decor network, Marmomac and Studio Calvi Brambilla selected the awardees, which “will be featured in an issue of the Italian edition of Elle Decor.”

We show photos of some of the presentations.

Marmomac: “A Matter of Stone

Elle Decor „A Spotlight on Natural Stone at Marmomac 2023“

Photos: Effezeta Group

“A Matter of Stone“: Italian Testi Group.“A Matter of Stone“.“A Matter of Stone“.“A Matter of Stone“.“A Matter of Stone“.“A Matter of Stone.““A Matter of Stone.““A Matter of Stone.““A Matter of Stone“.

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