Miscellaneous: news all around ornamental stone and rock

Screenshot: Egypt Air inflight-video.Screenshot: Egypt Air inflight-video.Video of the month: the safety instructions on board airplanes are usually a boring routine. Egypt Air, however, presents the rules as icons on stone pillars from the time of the pyramids: the in-flight videos begin with the basic about the seat belts (00:30), followed later by putting on the life jackets (03:00). A graphic highlight is the icon about the smoke detectors in the toilets – the panel looks like a warning about aliens (01:10). A second video is also funny, but unfortunately has no reference to stone (see videos below).

The Swedish Work Safety Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket) has announced that it will continue to pursue the issue of the risk of silicosis when working with engineered stone. The country’s Natural Stone Association reported. The background is the decision from Australia that these artificial stones will be banned in most states and territories starting July 2024. The US television station CBS shows a report from California, where many Latino immigrants work in stone workshops completely unprotected against micro-dust.

The famous building 15 Clerkenwell Close in the City of London by architect Amin Taha with a limestone load-bearing structure, is on sale now (1, 2).

The French webpage La Table Ronde de l’Architecture (Architecture Round Table) has published “A plea for the stone carver“ starting with the statement that all machinery was invented for economic reasons or war and ending with the phrase: “We must choose the tortuous and difficult path of tradition and manual labor, because it is the only one that gives us sincere joy, freedom and admiration for true beauty.“

New webpage: Deutscher Naturwerksteinverband (German Ornamental Stone Association, German)

“Sunbaked Sandstone“ is the name of one of the models in the Swatch Power of Nature collection. The design of the watch and bracelet refers to deserts, waterfalls, forests, and icy mountains.

Brazilian Centrorochas organization presented the country’s natural stones at the Bond ARC Middle East in Abu Dhabi.

A Team of Indigenous Women sculpts stories in snow at Wisconsin’s frozen Lake Geneva.

(16.02.2024, USA: 02.16.2024)