Miscellaneous: news all around ornamental stone and rock

Parting Stone: 40 to 60 “solidified remains“ are created from the ashes of a deceased person.National Geographic reports about new forms of burial: human composting, alkaline hydrolysis, and coffins with mushroom spores. We had reported about ashes transformed into pebble-sized stones (1, 2, 3).

Coverings 2024, which will take place April 22-25, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, will have “Health & Wellness,” “Sustainability,” “Outdoor Spaces”, and “Timeless Luxury” as key tenets. Communal activations, imaginative displays and relevant market trends will showcase each tenet and provide attendees with unique, unforgettable experiences that emphasize the many benefits and uses of tile and natural stone.

At KBIS 2024, the main North American event for kitchen and bathroom design taking place in Las Vegas from February 27 to 29, Brazil’s Centrorochas Organization promoted the country’s stones under the concept of biophilia. Its aim is to bring the environment into urban spaces, promoting well-being, emotional comfort, and a sense of relaxation. “Transmitting these feelings and recognized for centuries for their energetic properties, stones contribute to the creation of balanced and serene environments,” as said in a press release (Portuguese).

Oyster shells have recently become a raw material: the company Cool Roof France uses them to produce white paint reflecting the sun’s rays. We reported on Malàkio company, which uses it to make artificial stone (1, 2).

Large parts of China’s Great Wall(s) are made of rammed earth. Nowadays, they are covered with biocrusts that protect the structures.

A webpage recommends changing faux stone kitchen countertops for real stones before selling the house to achieve better revenue.

Australian sculptor Alex designed the country’s War Memorial with a 30-tonne marble installation. Named “For Every Drop Shed in Anguish,“ it shall offer healing and understanding at a time when serving members and veterans of the Australian Defence Forces are 20 times more likely to die by suicide than they are on active duty, as said in a report.

Every two months, Michelangelo’s “David“ undergoes a careful cleaning at its home in Florence’s Accademia Gallery. “His personal restorer, Eleonora Pucci, climbs on a scaffolding for an up-close view — part of a monitoring and cleaning ritual necessary for the preservation of the Renaissance icon visited by over two million visitors last year,“ France24 reports.

Fashion designer Roberto Cavalli took inspiration from marble for his latest collection, Marie Claire reports.

The Beefbar in Doha, designed by Humbert & Poyet, uses inspiration from the grand dining rooms on luxurious transatlantic cruise yachts from the 1930s with marble and travertine.

Video of the month: a scene from a marble quarry in the Rocky Mountains shows how spectacular the extraction of natural stone can be.

(01.03.2024, USA: 03.01.2024)