“Holly“ by French designer Christophe Pillet and the Italian brand Kreoo: seating furniture that lets you enjoy the shape in every way

Christophe Pillet, Kreoo: “Holly.“

Much of the seating furniture created by French designer Christophe Pillet seems to embrace the sitter or at least welcome them with a big hug, so to speak. In the case of the current chair from the “Holly” collection for the Kreoo brand, this is unmistakable: it is a club chair or, according to the Italian press release: a tub chair, into which you can sink and relax.

Such pieces of furniture give a feeling of security or safety, and in Holly this is reinforced by the material: the entire object is carved out of a single block of natural stone.

Christophe Pillet, Kreoo: “Holly.“

It is available in travertine or in the marble varieties Calacatta Arabescato and Bianco Carrara.

We asked ourselves whether the piece of furniture is not rather one of those “functional sculptures,“ i.e. something in between product design and art. The shape of Holly is so great that the owner should actually always have a chair nearby from which they can admire the work of art from ever new perspectives.

The piece of furniture probably can hardly be moved back and forth by its weight.

The seat comes with a soft upholstered cushion – in buffed natural grain leather or high-quality fabric.

Christophe Pillet, Kreoo: “Holly.“

Kreoo is the design brand of the Italian company Decormarmi. It is a family business in the Chiampo Valley on the southern edge of the Alps, roughly halfway between Verona and Venice. It has built up a worldwide reputation with exclusive projects. The website shows some of the projects that the company has realized since its foundation in 1962 and which are characterized by exclusivity.

Agence Christophe Pillet


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