Photo gallery (2), Salone del Mobile 2024: what the major natural stone brands are making out of Marble, Granite & Co in terms of interior architecture and product design

Company: <a href=""target="_blank">Citco</a> (Italy). Collection: „Stone Resilience“. Designers: Ron Arad, Estudio Campana, Zaha Hadid, Arik Levy, Vian Rasool. Urbs ROMA, Saman Zahawi.

Natural stone is appreciated very much as a material for both interior architecture and product design (everyday objects). The ideas of the leading companies and designers in this field are mainly shown at furniture fairs or during so-called of Design Weeks.

Here we present their current collections at the Salone del Mobile in Milan (April 15 – 20, 2024).

They can be seen as the Haute Couture of the stone branch, so to speak, even if some of the examples are suitable for everyday use in the sense of Prêt-à-Porter.

In the coming months, we will present the collections in detail.

Tomorrow, in another photo gallery, we will be showing the works that other leading stone companies exhibited in 2024 as part of the FuoriSalone, i.e. outside the trade fair.

Company: <a href=""target="_blank">Citco</a> (Italy). Collection: “Stone Resilience“. Design: Ron Arad.Company: <a href=""target="_blank">Citco</a> (Italy). Collection: “Stone Resilience“. Design: Ron Arad.

Company: <a href=""target="_blank">Draenert</a> (Germany). Collection: “Arrive Home“. Design: Wolfgang C.R. Mezger.Company: <a href=""target="_blank">Draenert</a> (Germany). Collection: “Arrive Home“. Design: Gino Carollo.

Company: <a href=""target="_blank">Margraf</a> (Italy). Collection: “Frammenti“. Design: Raffaelo Galiotto.Company: <a href=""target="_blank">Margraf</a> (Italy). Collection: “Frammenti“. Design: Raffaelo Galiotto.

Company: <a href=""target="_blank">Sagevan Marmi</a> (Italy).Company: <a href=""target="_blank">Sagevan Marmi</a> (Italy).Company: <a href=""target="_blank">Sagevan Marmi</a> (Italy).
Sagevan Marmi

Company: <a href=""target="_blank">Kreoo</a> (Italy). Design: Christophe Pillet.Company: <a href=""target="_blank">Kreoo</a> (Italy). Design: Christophe Pillet.

Company: <a href=""target="_blank">Lithea</a> (Italy). Design: Martinelli Venezia.Company: <a href=""target="_blank">Lithea</a> (Italy). Design: Elena Salmistraro .

<a href=""target="_blank">Pimar</a>.<a href=""target="_blank">Pimar</a>.

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