New for the seating arrangement at the table: Draenert pulls and compresses the geometry and thus gives the veins in the table tops a possible statement

Draenert, Arrive Home: “Trilungo“.Draenert, Arrive Home: “Paramount“.

The design company from Lake Constance, Germany has presented the new collection under the generic term “Arrive Home“

Finding the right placement for guests at a table sometimes requires a great deal of tact and diplomatic skill. Expressed in terms of geometry: it is the symmetry inherent in rectangular and equally round tables that inevitably exposes people to one another.

Draenert from Lake Constance in Germany, known among other things for mechanisms that allow table tops to be pulled out or pushed together with a simple movement, dares to do something special for the design of its tables for the home: the new “Kent“ and “Paramount“ furniture pieces throw symmetry overboard and warp the tops from the right or well-defined angle in certain directions.

With “Kent“ (design: Wolfgang C.R. Mezger), a triangle is distorted; with “Paramount“ (designer: Gino Carollo), the square only becomes almost a square as soon as you put two tables together.

For “Kent”, Draenert invented the beautiful term “Trilungo,“ which was new to us and which we simply couldn’t find on the Internet. At the company’s stand at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, we learned the deeper meaning: It’s the combination of “three” and the Italian word for “long.”

Draenert, Arrive Home: “Trilungo“.Draenert, Arrive Home: “Trilungo“.

Back to the seating arrangements for the guests. It is not only the shape of the tabletops that is exciting but also the fact that Draenert’s repertoire of natural stones for table tops includes many that are characterized by striking veins.

We imagine an awkward meeting at such a table: perhaps the colorful structure that nature lets run from one guest to another can act as an icebreaker in a difficult atmosphere.

For guests who are on good terms, on the other hand, such a tabletop is sure to be a moment of jokes and sheer joy.

Further news from Draenert for the year 2024 include:

Draenert: “Tadao Magnum“.
– the “Tadao“ table (design: Patric Draenert) and the “Tadao Magnum“ version with a rotating inner top are now also available with a motor to drive the inner ring;

Draenert: “Surf“.
– the “Surf“ coffee table (design: Hakakian & Harper) is now also available with a natural stone top;
– designer Wolfgang C.R. Mezger has now transferred the comfort of the “Dan“ shell chair to the bench of the same name.

The new products are summarized under the generic term term “Arrive Home.“

Draenert also considers the fact that spending time outside (in the garden, on the terrace, on the balcony) is part of relaxing at home. New products here include
Draenert: “Lou“.
– the stackable garden chair “Lou“ (in-house design Draenert); it virtually rethinks the garden chair “Nobile“ (design: Gino Carollo) for the company;
– Draenert has numerous new types of natural stone in its range that can also be used outdoors.


Photos/Renderings: Draenert

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