Llab.design from Ukraine showed new design objects at the Salone del Mobile 2024

Llab.design: “Black Soil“.

Unimpressed by Russia’s ongoing war, the company develops beautiful everyday objects with natural stone

Ukraine’s survival in the war at the hands of Russia was the focus of the presentation by the Ukrainian company Llab.design at Marmomac 2022, just over six months after the attack by Vladimir Putin’s army. Since then, the country has withstood the aggressor, and people abroad have gotten used to life with war elsewhere. For Ukrainians, however, the topic remains omnipresent, and so it also appears in the new collection from Llab.design, which was presented at the Salone del Mobile furniture fair in Milan in April 2024: At the very end of the catalog, the wall panel “Black Soil” is shown, which contains a small circle with the national colors of Ukraine, blue in quartzite Azul Macaubas and yellow in limestone Crema Valencia in a round arrangement of black marble types.

Llab.design: “Black Soil“.Llab.design: “Black Soil“.

The name of the object evokes the fertile soils of Ukraine. The country was and is one of the most important wheat producers in the world.

The design comes from the designers at Llab.design.

The wall plate is available in two sizes, namely 1200 mm diameter and 84 kg weight or 900 mm diameter and 47 kg weight. It is also available in white marble.

Llab.design, Roksolana Denys: “Duality“.Llab.design, Roksolana Denys: “Duality“.Llab.design, Roksolana Denys: “Duality“.
Designer Roksolana Denys called her new objects “Duality”. The name relates their objects to the Cucuteni–Trypillia Culture, which existed from 5000 to 2750 BC. BC settled most of what is now Ukraine during the Stone Age.

The material that the designer chose for her console, floor lamp and tables is striking: it is the Brecchia Pantifico with its bright red and white surfaces. The base of the tables is also unusual: geometric shapes are repeated, interrupted in the middle by an obvious joint.

The large table with three legs and a 1100 mm long top gave us the impression that three Stone Age people were standing together under a roof to exchange ideas.

Llab.design, Aleksandr Bosenko und Vadim Livshyts: “Edge“.Llab.design, Aleksandr Bosenko und Vadim Livshyts: “Edge“.Llab.design, Aleksandr Bosenko und Vadim Livshyts: “Edge“.
Aleksandr Bosenko and Vadim Livshyts called their collection of consoles and side tables “Edge.” The edge of the marble piece of furniture is dominant. Here too, the objects are available in different sizes and types of stone.

On the bar console, the stone plate can be moved using a mechanism.

Llab.design, Alina Kravchuk: “Viyalo – Wind Power“.Llab.design, Alina Kravchuk: “Viyalo – Wind Power“.Llab.design, Alina Kravchuk: “Viyalo – Wind Power“.
Alina Kravchuk called her round plates with a folded pattern “Viyalo – Wind Power”. They are used in different versions, for example, to decorate walls or cupboard doors or, slightly modified, for table tops. The idea behind it is the ancient history of the fan: in the old myths there is a story that someone who is worried just has to flick their fan and a goddess would bring a solution with the help of the wind.

Parts of the “Vitality” collection were shown at Marmomac 2022 and can also be seen in the new catalog.


Photos: Llab.design


Photos: Llab.design

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