Marsotto Edizioni says goodbye to the credo of only white and black marble and allows stones in colors for the “Matter, Colour, Nature“ collection

Marsotto Edizioni: “Matter, Colour, Nature“.

With natural stone, the color comes from within, is not just applied

Over the past 15 years, the Italian brand Marsotto Edizioni has to a certain extent been a symbol of design consistency: there were only two materials for the new annual collections by internationally renowned designers, namely white Carrara marble or black Marquina Black. This limitation and austerity made the striking design shapes of the objects stand out even more. This was taken to the extreme in the company’s showroom at Largo Treves 2 in Milan’s Brera design district, where you had to descend a few steps through a dark corridor into the basement of the building to immerse yourself in the sheer white of the walls and floor.

Now the company has broken with this for its “Matter, Colour, Nature“ collection: It also uses stones with other – real – colors, namely Travertino Classico in ochre, green Verde Alpi marble and red Rosso Lepanto.

Marsotto Edizioni: “Matter, Colour, Nature“.

The shape of the objects themselves are the most prominent pieces from the collections of the last 15 years by the designers James Irvine, Jasper Morrison, Naoto Fukasawa, Konstantin Grcic, Nendo, Niko Koronis, Ross Lovegrove, Thomas Sandell, Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby.

Costanza Olfi, who runs the company together with her husband, plays down the risk to which she is subjecting her own brad. “We wanted to see how color changes the effect of our objects, “ she says during a conversation in the showroom.

And adds: “Color is something fascinating.“

Marsotto Edizioni: “Matter, Colour, Nature“.Marsotto Edizioni: “Matter, Colour, Nature“.

She is undoubtedly right – this time we experienced for ourselves how color can surprise us when we visited the showroom. There, the selected objects are presented in small settings, for example in the case of the ochre-colored travertine in a small sand island.

In addition, Marsotto Edizioni’s usual restrained presentation highlights a special feature of natural stone that sets it fundamentally apart from ceramics: the color and pattern are not just applied to the top but run through and through – coming from the inside, so to speak.

Marsotto Edizioni: “Matter, Colour, Nature“.

And: in reality, colors were never really a taboo at Marsotto. After all, the creations have always been available in colored stone at the customer’s request.

After all: “There is currently a trend towards colorful designs in interior design,“ states Costanza Olfi.

Marsotto Edizioni

Photos: Marsotto Edizioni / Peter Becker

Poster Marsotto Edizioni “Matter, Colour, Nature“.

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