The 11th EuroSkills will be held in September 2029 in Geneva, Switzerland

Promotion poster for Geneva where the EuroSkills 2029 will be held.

At the General Assembly 2024 of WorldSkills Europe, Serbia was accepted as a new member / The next competition on a worldwide level will take place in Lyon in September 2024

Switzerland will host the 11th edition of EuroSkills in September 2029 in Geneva, Switzerland. That was one of the decisions taken at the WorldSkills Europe General Assembly 2024 held from June 04 – 07, 2024, in Luxembourg.

EuroSkills is held every two years and brings together hundreds of young professionals from the European continent to compete in the „Olympic Games of young professionals“, as the event is also titled. Stonemasonry is one of the skills officially named “architectural stonemasonry“.

WorldSkills, alternating with EuroSkills, is the same competition with participants from all over the world.

The competition, i.e. the execution of a practical task, takes place at the highest level of professional know-how. The time pressure for the participants is extreme; stressful may also be the many visitors coming to watch the competition.
The coming events are:
* WorldSkills Lyon, France, September 10 – 15, 2024;
* EuroSkills Herning, Denmark, September 09 – 13, 2025;
* WorldSkills Shanghai, China, 2026;
* EuroSkills Düsseldorf 2027, held in Germany and Luxembourg;
* EuroSkills Geneva, Switzerland 2029.

Poster of the General Assembly 2024 in Luxembourg.

The 2024 General Assembly in Luxembourg brought together members, sponsors, and partners for two days of discussions under the motto “Skills Shape Your Future.“ In addition to choosing Geneva as the venue, the following decisions were made:
* Festool and PPG were officially welcomed as the newest Premium Sponsors of WorldSkills Europe, although both companies have been involved as partners on many levels for some time;
* Serbia was accepted as a new member of WorldSkills Europe. The Official Delegate is Dr Vesna Fabian, Assistant Director of Serbia’s Office for Dual Education and National Qualifications Framework. The Technical Delegate is Aleksandra Milićević, Head of Department for Dual Education and Education Policies at Serbia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIS).

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EuroSkills Geneva 2029

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