(March 2010) This years’ Marmotec Trade Fair in Carrara (May 19th to 22nd) will present prizes for „Innovative Design Technology Awards“ for the first time. Application forms are only available in Italian. This years’ Marble Architecture Awards are not reserved for a particular region but rather global (Italian).

France’s granite region of Sidobre is the source of an initiative (French), coming to the aid of the African country of Benin with the aim of expediting the use of resources at hand.

This year’s European Stone Festival will take place form May 29th to 30th in Saverne, France (1, 2). Special attraction of the stone sculptor’s get-together in Julienne in Charente in France (June 30th until July 10th) is not only the size of the stone sculptures being created but also the theme: „Fire“ (French).

For some Brazilian States geo-overviews can be downloaded free of charge .

The Coverings trade fair in Orlando, Florida, will take place form April 27th to 30th with numerous lectures.

Cheeseboards and coolers made of stone are available at the Swiss Salvisberg AG (German).

1001 uses for Terrazzo, can be seen among the prize-winners of the US-American Trade Organization.

Video of the month: how Il Casone presents the stone trade and how the trade fair in Carrara sees it. Also an older video from the USA.