„Lavaface“ by designer Matteo Tampone and Nero Sicilia Company

Matteo Tampone, Nero Sicilia: „Lavaface“.Matteo Tampone, Nero Sicilia: „Lavaface“.

Applied to Mount Etna volcanic stone, pulverized glass is exposed to ultra-high temperatures and bonds with the surface

Nero Sicilia is a company from the island in the Mediterranean specializing in working volcanic rock from Mount Etna and burning it at ultra-high temperatures. The thermal treatment transforms the rock, giving it a darker, almost black, color. A design or décor can be reached by applying pulverized glass such as from ground TV-Tubes or screens and burning the powder into the rock like an enamel.

Artist Matteo Tampone of Turin was invited to work with the material in 2017. In the past, Tampone has repeatedly concentrated his work on various aspects of time.

„Lavaface“ is the name of his latest work created in cooperation with Nero Sicilia. It shows a face made of pulverized glass applied to Mount Etna basalt.

The images play with the different levels of time, e.g.: the age of stone or uniqueness and unpredictability of the result after firing.

Matteo Tampone, Nero Sicilia: „Lavaface“.

Juxtaposed: the image of a person, who seems strangely undefinable and androgynous in „Lavaface“.

The pixel image is somewhat reminiscent of early photography.

The pictures in the „MAT 366 limited edition“ on Etna Lava measure 190 x 80 cm and are part of Tampone’s „Percorsi Temporali“ (elapsing time).

Nero Sicilia

Matteo Tampone

Photos: Nero Sicilia

Matteo Tampone, Nero Sicilia: „Lavaface“.

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