Intermac Inside Stone informed about the company’s novelties and its training center Intermac Academy

Intermac Inside Stone.

New edge polishers from subsidiary Montresor / Genius RS-A benches, the Busetti double-edged grinding systems, and the Movetro handling and storage systems

These days, Intermac held its „Inside Intermac Stone“ event in its headquarters in Pesaro, Italy. The producer of machinery for the processing of stone and other materials is a subsidiary of Biesse Group which recently also bought Montresor company. The press department sent us the following release informing about the novelties presented during the event:

„The main innovation takes the form of the Montresor technologies, applied in Luna – a practical, pioneering range of toroidal edge polishers – and Vela 7.2 – a vertical edge polisher for the specular polishing of flat edges in granite, quartz, ceramic and marble.

„For the latest sintered materials, a range of technological innovations destined to revolutionize machining processes in this sector … Three new ideas stand out: the technologies of the Genius RS-A benches, the Busetti double-edged grinding systems, and the Movetro handling and storage systems.

Intermac Inside Stone.

„The most advanced waterjet cutting systems were also present – namely the Waterjet technology installed on the Primus range and evolving further in the Primus 402 version to meet the need for technology that can adapt to the development of materials and the application requirements of our customers.

„During the event, our customers also saw live demos on the Master range – a guarantee of excellence and always a byword for CNC technology – represented by the models Master 38.5, Master 45.5 and Master 850.

„Finally, the entry-level bridge saw from Donatoni Macchine, JET 625, that’s become the world’s best selling product in this category thanks to the combination of groundbreaking technology and Intermac’s extensive distribution network.“

Intermac Inside Stone.

IOT – Connected machinery was another topic at the event. It is one aspect of Industry 4.0 and helps to „create greater value from the purchase of our machines,“ according to the press release.

Intermac Academy is a new training center for continuous qualification of Intermac’s customers, dealers and also internal personnel. It will organize „theory courses and hands-on workshops, and apply the new multimedia technologies to ensure more effective learning, even with distance sessions.“

Inside Intermac Stone

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(10.05.2018, USA: 05.10.2018)