“Contrasti“ by Moreno Ratti: the art of recycling natural stone waste

Moreno Ratti: “Contrasti.“

Remnant pieces of natural stone were given a new lease on life by the Italian designer who conjured cross-over objects between art and product design

Distinguishing factor of designer Moreno Ratti’s style is that the objects are at once household items and small works of art. They are functional and can be used for the obvious purpose intended. At the same time, they have a strong artistic component of objects suited to embellish any home.

His latest creation goes by the name “Contrasti“ (Contrasts). The line comprises small vases and bowls, one half of which is formed but where the other half seems to have been left behind in the raw material waiting for completion.

What we call raw material is, in fact, a piece of craftsmanship of its own: true to his endeavor to use even the smallest pieces left over from cutting a block of stone.

Das Ausgangsmaterial für Moreno Rattis “Contrasti“.

In this case the starting point was a marble tile, the type stone producers have on stock in great quantities.

Moreno Ratti: “Contrasti“.

To re-assimilate the puzzle pieces to a new raw material, they first must be laminated with ecologically friendly resin. This is where Moreno Ratti then comes in to shape “his half“ into the desired form.

Then the entire surface is subjected to sanding and smoothing and polishing.

Moreno Ratti cooperates with Stonethica Company, whose business it is to reclaim natural stone offal and create a new raw material. The reclaimed material could be turned into slabs 305 cm x 158 cm in diameter. Narrow strips of marble are used, of which great masses are inadvertently produced in the entire region around Carrara.

The slabs have their own charm particularly when different types of marble are combined.

The original material used by Moreno Ratti in creating his objects was more complex: horizontal and vertical pieces are laminated. Stonethica provides the material and makes the objects.

This is the high art of recycling. Needless to say, that the material has passed certification according to LEEM and BREEAM with flying colors.

Of course, there is a market for Moreno Ratti’s objects which breech the boundary between product design and art. We wish to point out that the markets for Affordable Art Fairs have been expanding since the mid 1990’s where owners of art galleries sell art to accommodate even the slim budget.

Moreno Ratti


Affordable Art Fair

Photos: Lea Anouchinsky

Moreno Ratti: “Contrasti“.Moreno Ratti: “Contrasti“.

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